Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5 Expert Cookbook

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  • Get to grips with Visual Studio 2013 IDE and its various components utilizing its tools to debug your code better
  • Understand the Windows Phone 8 development environment and gain practical experience on app development on the platform
  • Create service-oriented applications using WCF and study advanced use cases on implementing a RESTful service with WCF
  • Test your application inside Visual Studio 2013 IDE and advanced use case scenarios to handle testing issues
  • Effectively utilize the various components of Team Foundation Server for better management of code
  • Extend Visual Studio 2013 IDE to add your own custom changes enhancing your experience
  • Discover the advanced usage of cloud computing with Windows Azure and its various components

Visual Studio 2013 enables you to develop and manage consumer-focused and business-oriented apps. It provides best-in-class tools that propel developers to create new apps or evolve existing ones. In conjunction, .NET 4.5 provides expansive capabilities for developers to work on all forms of apps and services, from client to mobile and from web to cloud, enabling them to focus solely on business logic rather than architecture.

This practical guide teaches you how to work with new changes in technology under the arena of .NET. It provides in-depth analysis and expert advice on various elements of .NET, applying them in code using detailed practical examples, and helping you understand the entire technology in easy, small steps. This book provides solutions to common development problems that you as a developer often face, thereby helping you to adapt the latest technologies as well as get grips on modern app development using .NET 4.5.

  • Provides step-by-step instructions, helping you to learn the various components and technologies of .NET development with Visual Studio 2013
  • Filled with examples that clearly illustrate how to integrate with the technologies and frameworks of your choice
  • Helps you keep pace with the fast growing IT industry and gain expertise on upcoming technologies, common forms of debugging and software testing
  • Contains expert advice on various .NET components that every developer should know
Page Count 308
Course Length 9 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781849689724
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2014


Abhishek Sur

Abhishek Sur has been a Microsoft MVP since 2011. He is currently working as a Product Head with Insync Tech-Fin Solutions Pvt Ltd. He has profound theoretical insight and years of hands-on experience in different .NET products and languages. Over the years, he has helped developers throughout the world with his experience and knowledge. He owns a Microsoft User Group in Kolkata named Kolkata Geeks and regularly organizes events and seminars in various places to spread .NET awareness. A renowned public speaker, voracious reader, and technology buff, Abhishek's main interest lies in exploring the new realms of .NET technology and coming up with priceless write-ups on the unexplored domains of .NET. He is associated with Microsoft's Insider list on WPF and C# and stays in touch with Product Group teams. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Application along with various other certificates to his credit.

Abhishek is a freelance content producer, developer, and site administrator. His website guides both budding and experienced developers in understanding the details of languages and latest technologies. He has a huge fan following on social networks. You can reach him at, get online updates from his Facebook account, or follow him on Twitter @abhi2434.