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Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook

Richard Banks

This book contains 50 great hands-on recipes to help you get to grips with Visual Studio 2012. Whatever your programming language, you’ll quickly have the modern capabilities of this innovative IDE at your fingertips.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849686525
Paperback272 pages

About This Book

  • Take advantage of all of the new features of Visual Studio 2012, no matter what your programming language specialty is!
  • Get to grips with Windows 8 Store App development, .NET 4.5, asynchronous coding and new team development changes in this book and e-book
  • A concise and practical First Look Cookbook to immediately get you coding with Visual Studio 2012

Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer excited about the new features introduced in Visual Studio 2012, then no matter what your programming language of choice is, “Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook” is for you. You should have a good knowledge of working with previous versions of Visual Studio to enjoy the recipes in this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Discovering Visual Studio 2012
Creating a new project
Upgrading an existing solution
Managing editor windows
Finding Visual Studio commands
Navigating and searching
Searching your code
Using the graphics tools
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Windows Store Applications
Creating a Windows Store app
Adding a Windows Store item template to your app
Using the Windows 8 simulator
Defining capabilities and contracts
Packaging your Windows Store app
Validating your Windows Store app
Chapter 3: Web Development: ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
Creating HTML5 web pages
Taking advantage of CSS editor improvements
Understanding the JavaScript editor improvements
JavaScript and CSS bundling and minification
Verifying pages with the Page Inspector
Chapter 4: .NET Framework 4.5 Development
Adding the Ribbon to a WPF application
Creating a state machine in Visual Studio 2012
Creating a Task-based WCF service
Managing packages with NuGet
Unit testing .NET applications
Sharing class libraries across runtimes
Detecting duplicate code
Chapter 5: Debugging Your .NET Application
Debugging on remote machines and tablets
Debugging code in production
Debugging parallel code
Visualizing concurrency
Chapter 6: Asynchrony in .NET
Making your code asynchronous
Asynchrony and Windows Runtime
Asynchrony and web applications
Actors and the TPL Dataflow Library
Chapter 7: Unwrapping C++ Development
Using XAML with C++
Unit testing C++ applications
Analyzing your C++ code
Working with DirectX in Visual Studio 2012
Creating a shader using DGSL
Creating and displaying a 3D model
Using the Visual Studio Graphics Debugger
Chapter 8: Working with Team Foundation Server 2012
Managing your work
Using local workspaces for source control
Storyboarding user requirements
Performing code reviews
Getting feedback from your users

What You Will Learn

  • Get practical straight away by searching within your code, using IntelliSense and other general Visual Studio 2012 improvements
  • Learn how Visual Studio 2012 supports the changes in ASP.NET web development
  • Take advantage of the CSS Editor improvements in the new release
  • Discover the debugging enhancements in Visual Studio 2012 like debugging on remote machines and tablets and the Concurrency Visualizer
  • Dive into Windows 8 Store Apps with application construction, packaging and verification
  • Get to grips with the practicality of the new changes with .NET 4.5, such as improving communications with WCF and Visual Studio 2012
  • Detect duplicate code and develop Portable Class Libraries
  • Get up and running with the C++ comeback in Visual Studio 2012
  • Tackle how to work with DirectX in Visual Studio 2012

In Detail

There’s a new technology wave coming, and for Microsoft this is reflected in Windows 8, HTML5 web development, .NET 4.5 and C++11. Riding that wave is a new version of their flagship development tool, Visual Studio 2012, and "Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook" has you putting the new features into practice from the get-go!

Among the exciting new features of Visual Studio 2012 is support for Windows 8, HTML5 and asynchronous development, as well as Team Foundation Server 2012 integration. “Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook” doesn’t waste time explaining what you already know from prior Visual Studio versions; instead you’ll see targeted and focused recipes on only new features so that you can get up to speed and back to work faster.

“Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook” empowers you to take advantage of all the new features in Visual Studio 2012 so that you can develop applications for the next technology wave.

The task-based recipes in this guide will have you up and running with improvements like support for Windows 8 development, HTML5 and JavaScript, .NET 4.5, asynchronous code and C++11.

And since most people don’t develop alone, you’ll also see how the new team development features of Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 can help your whole team work smarter, not harder.

Time is short and you’re in a hurry, so “Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook” will help you discover what’s new by way of a simple recipe format that is quick and easy to digest.


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