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Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook

Abhishek Sur

Put Visual Studio and .NET together and the results are empowering. With over 40 recipes in this Cookbook you can learn to integrate them both to achieve unparalleled results in applications that are in tune with modern technologies.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849686709
Paperback380 pages

About This Book

  • Step-by-step instructions to learn the power of .NET development with Visual Studio 2012
  • Filled with examples that clearly illustrate how to integrate with the technologies and frameworks of your choice
  • Each sample demonstrates key conceptsto build your knowledge of the architecture in a practical and incremental way

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at Visual Studio 2012 and .Net developers who want to gain advanced understanding and sharpen their existing skillsets and adapt to new .NET technologies. Basic understanding of .NET and C# is assumed. The purpose of this book is to give under the hood expertise in .NET and help you to face common problems on latest technologies.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Visual Studio IDE Features
Identifying the various components of Visual Studio IDE
Working with Solution Explorer and Class View
Working with the main workspace area of IDE
Navigating between code inside the IDE
Extending Visual Studio templates
Using Code Snippets in Visual Studio
Using Smart Tags and Refactor in Visual Studio
Chapter 2: Basics of .NET Programs and Memory Management
Inspecting the internal structure of a .NET assembly
Working with different types of assemblies
Inspecting the major components of a .NET program
How to work with custom configurations for an application
How to disassemble an assembly
Securing your code from reverse engineering by using obfuscation
Understanding .NET garbage collection and memory management
How to find memory leaks in a .NET program
Solutions to 10 common mistakes made by developers while writing code
Chapter 3: Asynchronous Programming in .NET
Introduction to Threading and Asynchronous Threading patterns
Working with Event-based asynchronous pattern and BackgroundWorker
Working with thread locking and synchronization
Lock statement using task-based parallelism in concurrent programming
Working with async and await patterns
Working with Task Parallel Library data flows
Chapter 4: Enhancements to ASP.NET
Understanding major performance boosters in ASP.NET web applications
How to work with statically-typed model binding in ASP.NET applications
Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 in ASP.NET applications
Working with jQuery in Visual Studio with ASP.NET
Working with task-based asynchronous HttpHandlers and HttpModules
New enhancements to various Visual Studio editors
Chapter 5: Enhancements to WPF
Getting started with WPF and its major enhancements in .NET 4.5
Building applications using MVVM pattern supported by WPF
Using the Ribbon User Interface in WPF
Using WeakEvent pattern in WPF
Chapter 6: Building Touch-sensitive Device Applications in Windows 8
Building your first Windows 8 style tiles application using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS
Writing a library for WinJS
Building your first Windows 8 style tiles application using C# and XAML
Working with storage files in Windows 8 style tiles applications
Understanding the application life cycle of WinRT applications
Chapter 7: Communication and Sharing using Windows 8
How to enable app to app sharing inside a Windows 8 environment
Working with notification and services
How to perform background transfers of data in Windows 8 style tiles applications

What You Will Learn

  • Basic usage of Visual Studio 2012 IDE and its various components and better utilization of the tool while writing code
  • Understand memory management techniques to build better applications
  • Understand the .NET infrastructure with in-depth analysis of its internals
  • Architect solutions that leverage the full power of .NET language gems, understanding when to use what
  • Implement multithreaded / asynchronous applications using recent updates on .NET 4.5 and compare the past approaches
  • Create secure ASP.NET web based applications in .NET 4.5 with use of JQuery and HTML5 for rapid application development
  • Architect advanced .NET client applications using MVVM with WPF 4.5
  • Understand touch sensitive devices and leverage skills to develop multi-touch applications inside Windows 8

In Detail

Working with a varied set of upcoming technologies is a challenge. Visual Studio 2012 is all about enabling you to develop and manage these consumer-focused and business-focused apps. It provides best-in-class tools that propel developers to create new apps or evolve existing ones, and it enables individuals and teams to deliver continuous value and agility. In conjunction, .NET 4.5 provides expansive capabilities for developers to work on all forms of apps and services, from client to mobile to web to cloud, enabling them to get to the market fast. This book shows you exactly how to do this, and much more. It focuses on giving expertise on upcoming technologies through complete architectural insights of .NET infrastructure and hands on examples.

"Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook" is a step-by-step practical guide that teaches you how to work with new changes on technology under .NET. It provides in-depth analysis and expert advice on various elements of .NET, applying them in code using detailed practical examples. The book provides solutions to common development problems and helps you adapt to the latest technologies and get to grips with modern app development for the .NET 4.5 platform.

This cookbook gets you startedon Visual Studio 2012 IDE and its various tooling capabilities. It provides expert knowledge on .NET infrastructure, internals of assemblies, and a basic introduction of Intermediate language. Common C# concepts and ideas are demonstrated through an example-driven approach.

The recipes provide an overall view of ASP.NET Web applications and introduce the new performance boosters in .NET 4.5. It also gives a basic introduction to HTML 5 and JQuery library to enhance Web applications. It provides a complete introduction to Client applications using WPF and MVVM patterns and looks at some of the major enhancements on WPF 4.5. It shows you how to write applications for Windows 8 and provides expert advice on how to write applications in WinRT, either using XAML and C# or HTML/JavaScript.

"Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook" gives you better understanding of  overall .NET infrastructure using the latest technology updates, providing a broad guide for a basic developer to become an expert on .NET.


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