Unreal Game Development for Beginners [Video]

More Information
  • Learn to build professional games using Unreal
  • Learn to use materials and textures in your games
  • Learn to use physics in your games
  • Learn game design with this course

We have created a simple and easy to understand course with smart pedagogy to help you quickly master Unreal for making real-world games. You will create everything along with the instructor and by the end of the course, you will have expertise in Materials, Physics, and game design. You can extend the game and add more features as you complete each of the sections. You will be confident enough to start working on your own games after this Unreal engine course. This course is ideal for new and intermediate developers.

Style and Approach

A complete guide for creating a real professional 3D game using Unreal.

  • "Procedural Map Generation" is something used in the gaming industry and this topic is discussed
  • You will get familiar in knowing how to navigate through the various menus. You will also pick up industry terms for things.
Course Length 5 hours 32 minutes
ISBN 9781838644369
Date Of Publication 18 Feb 2019



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