Ultimate Ansible Bootcamp by School of Devops [Video]

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  • What is Ansible, why it's needed and how it works?
  • How to configure Ansible and setup static/dynamic inventories.
  • Ad hoc server management, running jobs in parallel.
  • Managing systems entities using Ansible modules.
  • Writing playbooks to define the state of infrastructure as a code.
  • Creating modular, reusable code with roles.
  • Creating dynamic code with vars and templates.
  • Using Ansible Galaxy.
  • Encrypting sensitive data with Vault.
  • Service discovery and managing multiple environments.
  • Application deployment strategies, and rolling updates.

Ansible is set to be the standard in the world of IT infrastructure management. It's a rare combination of simplicity meeting sophistication. Its core principle is simple is reflected in all its design choices such as an agentless setup, small footprint, push model, YAML as a language to define infrastructure state and so on. It's easy to setup, easy to write code with, and easy to extend while writing custom modules. At the same time, it offers everything an IT system, networks or a operations/DevOps person needs. Once you set up the environment with the code spaces tool, you start diving into the simple and sophisticated world of Ansible one concept at a time. By the end of this course, you will have mastered Ansible and should be able to use it to automate servers, applications, and understand all the primitives that Ansible offers.

Style and Approach

This course is been created to help you master Ansible one step at a time. It starts with the fundamental concepts related to infrastructure as code, what Ansible is, what is Idempotence, and what makes Ansible stand apart. Then it helps you relate Ansible to your project by taking up a use case.

  • Set up an inventory of a group of servers and configure Ansible to manage those.
  • Write playbooks for base systems configuration.
  • Create roles for automating web server provisioning and configurations.
  • Use galaxy roles to set up a load balancer.
  • Customise roles using group_vars to define your database and application configuration. Secure database passwords with Ansible vault.
  • Deploy applications in a rolling manner with zero downtime
Course Length 7 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781789345131
Date Of Publication 24 May 2018


Gourav Shah

Gourav Shah is a DevOps expert and corporate trainer. He's a passionate techie who delved into the world of open source and GNU/Linux while in engineering school, long before he turned his passion into a profession. He has more than 7 years' experience designing, deploying, and managing complex, high-performance, scalable, secure, and redundant clusters. He is an expert DevOps professional with proficiency in cloud computing, DevOps tools, configuration management/automation with Puppet/Chef, continuous integration/continuous delivery, centralized logging, monitoring, computer networks, and so on. Gourav worked at Efficient Frontier (later acquired by Adobe Systems) as part of the Ops team responsible for managing hundreds of servers and providing uptime 24x7x365. He formed and headed the Ops team in India. He quit his MNC job in 2012 and went on to establish Initcron, a DevOps consulting firm. Under the Initcron banner, Gourav provides DevOps consulting to various organizations, helping them build, automate, and maintain scalable systems on public/private clouds. Gourav also conducts corporate training on DevOps topics.