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  • Develop applications that make and receive phone calls and messages
  • Access your call and SMS records and much more with the Twilio REST API
  • Replace physical phone hardware with calls in your browser or mobile app
  • Build powerful applications such as phone menus, call centers, and conferencing services
  • Work with Twilio in any programming language
  • Secure your application
  • Debug and test your Twilio integration thoroughly

Twilio makes it simple to integrate telephony — both phone calls as well as SMS and MMS messages — into your code without expensive hardware or manual setup.

This is an in-depth guide to working with the Twilio platform from start to finish, making it easy for any developer to integrate phone calls and SMS messages into their code.

Packed with lots of code examples, this book gets you up and running with Twilio in no time, enabling you to work with messages and calls in a variety of different ways. You'll not only learn how to build basic applications using Twilio, but also how to exploit Twilio's most powerful features, keep your Twilio integration secure, and test and debug the application thoroughly.

This book is the perfect guide from your first steps working with Twilio right up to becoming an expert, giving you all the best practices and top tips you need to build reliable and powerful telephony applications.

  • Use the step-by-step code samples to build real applications
  • Learn to test and debug your code thoroughly
  • Keep your integration secure, and test and debug the application thoroughly
Page Count 178
Course Length 5 hours 20 minutes
ISBN 9781782175896
Date Of Publication 23 Dec 2014


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is a software engineer and student at the London School of Economics (LSE) and is from London, UK. He currently works at GoCardless, which is a payments start-up that helps businesses accept Direct Debit payments online. Here, he built the company's call center in the cloud, which is documented in a series of popular blog posts.

He also works for a number of freelance clients, helping them use the power of Twilio to do things that range from getting reviews from hotel guests to building scalable customer support operations.

In his spare time, he enjoys drinking coffee and serving in his local church and his university's Christian Union.