Testing with F#

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  • Set up a test environment in your code base
  • Write unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests for F# applications
  • Leverage tools such as FsUnit, Foq, Canopy, and TickSpec to run tests both inside and outside your development environment
  • Maximize the productivity of your test code using the language features of F#
  • Extract dependencies to databases, web services, and other IO bound operations
  • Test your applications using executable specifications on a web browser
  • Discover the best practices for developing a sustainable test suite

Starting with an introduction to the concepts behind test automation, you will learn how to set up your test environment for unit testing and how to execute your test suite within and outside of Visual Studio. Using different test frameworks as MSTest, NUnit, and xUnit, you will learn how to write tests in isolation, create test doubles with Foq, and write expressive assertions with FsUnit.

You will learn techniques used to mock database contexts, test stored procedures, use migrations to test databases in isolation, control a web browser with Canopy, and test web services with F# interactive. You will learn how these techniques apply to Agile principles and discover how testing fits into your project.

  • Maximize the productivity of your code using the language features of F#
  • Leverage tools such as FsUnit, FsCheck, Foq, and TickSpec to run tests both inside and outside your development environment
  • A hands-on guide that covers the complete testing process of F# applications
Page Count 286
Course Length 8 hours 34 minutes
ISBN 9781784391232
Date Of Publication 20 Feb 2015


Mikael Lundin

Mikael Lundin is a software developer living in Malmö, Sweden. He started programming in Pascal 20 years ago and has been enjoying the craft both professionally and as a hobby through languages and frameworks such as PHP, C#, F#, Ruby, and Node. He has been a practitioner and mentor of test-driven development and agile methodologies for the last 8 years, helping teams succeed in delivering high-quality software.

Mikael has been working with F# for 4 years, providing solutions to clients, publicly speaking about functional programming, and holding seminars for colleagues to spread the word. He strongly believes that functional programming is the future of delivering high-quality software.

Mikael is employed as a technical consultant by Valtech in Sweden, where he takes on the roles of a software developer, solution architect, and agile mentor. He has delivered quality software to high-profile international clients and helped organizations adopt Scrum as their software development practice.