Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications

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  • Control the execution of your Android application by working with the debugging environment in Android Studio
  • Mitigate the existing vulnerabilities in Android applications
  • Create unit tests to verify the state and behavior of an activity
  • Use local storage and encryption appropriately to preserve the privacy of your application data
  • Ensure that communications between your applications and external servers are safe by protecting network connections
  • Choose the appropriate authentication method for your Android application
  • Set up the test environment to create test cases
  • Create functional tests to check the interaction between components

Today, mobile applications are increasingly being used to access the Web. Mobile developers play a key role in how consumers access the Web with millions of people depending on them to create secure and functional applications. This book, beginning with the fundamentals of Android security, will guide you through the process of creating a secure and debugged application. We will look at the Android Studio development environment and take you through the steps needed to protect your local data and secure your network communications.

Initially covering the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in software and in the Android environment, this book will then dig deeper, exploring different types of authentication methods that can be adopted in your Android application. You will be introduced to techniques and classes to test your application, before finally learning about supporting tools that will help you to improve your application.

By the end of this book, your Android application will be debugged and secure and you will be able to apply what you've learned to further application projects.

  • Explore the foundations of security and learn how to apply these measures to create secure applications using Android Studio
  • Create effective test cases, unit tests, and functional tests to ensure your Android applications function correctly
  • Optimize the performance of your app by debugging and using high-quality code
Page Count 162
Course Length 4 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781783988808
Date Of Publication 24 Aug 2014


Belén Cruz Zapata

Belén Cruz Zapata received her engineer's degree in computer science from the University of Murcia in Spain, specializing in software technologies, and intelligent and knowledge technologies. She earned an MSc in computer science and is now working on her PhD in the Software Engineering Research Group from the University of Murcia.

During the 2013/2014 academic year, Belén collaborated with the Université Mohammed V-Soussi, in Rabat, Morocco. Her research is focused on usability applied to mobile health (mHealth) applications.

Belén is currently working as a mobile developer for Android and iOS in the San Francisco Bay area. She is also the author of the book: Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications, Packt Publishing.

To follow her projects, you can visit her personal webpage at http://www.belencruz.com and you can follow her on Twitter: @belen_cz.

Antonio Hernández Niñirola

Antonio Hernández Niñirola has an engineering degree in Computer Science and is a mobile application developer. He was born and raised in Murcia in the southeast region of Spain and is currently living in Rabat, Morocco. He has developed several websites and mobile applications.

After completing his degree in Computer Science, he pursued a Master's degree in Teacher Training for Informatics and Technology. Antonio pushed his studies further and is now a doctoral candidate under the Software Engineering Research Group of the faculty of Computer Science at the University of Murcia, and is actually a researcher for the Université Mohammed V - Soussi in Rabat.

You can visit his website at http://www.ninirola.esto find out more about him and his projects.