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  • Creating web applications in .NET Core by implementing the MVC pattern in the new .NET Core framework
  • Using Entity Framework Core and code-first migrations to create a data context
  • Implementing service layer abstractions to improve code testability and maintainability
  • Unit-, integration-, and acceptance-testing of MVC and web API apps
  • Using Continuous Integration tools to enable automated, consistent, and reliable delivery of your software so that it integrates with your source control solutions in a seamless way.

Test-driven development (TDD) is a well-defined approach to creating software that is robust and maintainable. The principles of TDD will help you write better and cleaner code. In addition, you’ll see how having solid tests will give you a new sense of confidence when you need to modify existing code.

In this course, you will take the principles and tools of Test Driven Development and apply them to modern web development in .NET Core. Throughout the volume, you will build a single.NET Core MVC web app where each section will focus on a specific component of the MVC stack, providing detailed examples in a TDD environment. In the last section, you will learn how to implement Continuous Integration, where you will see the true value of TDD and how it can enable you to continually deliver high-quality applications at a faster rate than ever before.

By the end of the course, you will have the tools you need to start building bulletproof applications, backed by an automated suite of tests to ensure quality software delivery.

The code bundle for this video course is available at -

Style and Approach

The benefits of this course range from building your .NET Core MVC web app to acquiring an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of TDD principles, resulting in faster applications.

  • Discover how to apply TDD to modern web development in .NET Core with domain-driven designs in .NET Core MVC
  • Master the MVC pattern and how to implement it in .NET Core
  • Discover how automated testing combined with Continuous Integration can be used to create painless, repeatable, and safe deployments.
Course Length 2 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781788391238
Date Of Publication 12 Jun 2018


Nikola Živković

Nikola Zivkovic is a software developer with over 7 years' experience in the industry. He earned his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Novi Sad in 2011, but by then he was already working for several companies. At the moment he works for Vega IT Sourcing from Novi Sad. During this period, he worked on large enterprise systems as well as on small web projects. Also, he frequently talks at meetups and conferences and he is a guest lecturer at the University of Novi Sad. You can read his articles on his blog –