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Telerik WPF Controls Tutorial

Daniel R. Spalding

Telerik controls and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) are a winning combination, and this tutorial will give you the skills you need to create powerful applications. You’ll need to know C#, SQL, and object-oriented design.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782176527
Paperback124 pages

About This Book

  • Display database information in the Telerik WPF controls
  • Get useful tips on creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Windows desktop applications
  • Build powerful, responsive, and scalable line-of-business and enterprise applications using Telerik WPF controls

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who plans to use Telerik controls within a WPF application. The reader should have an existing knowledge of C#, SQL, and object-oriented design. The book will focus on the use of objects to populate the controls, so knowledge of object-oriented design is very important.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Telerik RadControls
Downloading the Telerik trial software
Creating the first Telerik project
Telerik demo project
Chapter 2: Telerik Editors and How They Work
Database setup
RadAutoCompleteBox with data binding
Binding to a System.Data.DataTable
Binding to the CustomerEntity object
RadMaskedInput – currency, phone, and zip
Chapter 3: Data Entry and Validation of Telerik Controls
Database setup
Dynamic validation
Chapter 4: Layout Organization and Display Functionality
Database setup
Chapter 5: Navigation and Dynamic Event Handling
Database setup
Additional prerequisites
New WPF concepts
Chapter 6: Telerik Scheduling and Object Bound Loading
New object-oriented concepts

What You Will Learn

  • Load Telerik controls using a DataTable object and generic object lists
  • Work with SQL Server and XML serialization to read and manipulate data
  • Discuss and review different modes of securing an application
  • Use the new model for using DataContext to validate a WPF window
  • Employ the Telerik interface classes to load controls
  • Understand object-oriented concepts such as inheritance and interfaces
  • Secure an application with Active Directory
  • Set up a WPF application to verify and deploy information

In Detail

Telerik Reporting is a lightweight reporting solution for all .NET cloud, web, and desktop platforms (Azure, Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET, and Windows Forms) which targets developers and end users alike. Rich interactive and reusable reports can be created by developers in Visual Studio and by end users in the desktop-based Report Designer.

This book will guide you through working with specific Telerik WPF controls as well as working with the database and other methods to load the controls. It will focus on four key technologies: the DataContext property of WPF, Telerik RadControls for WPF, XML serialization, and application security.

Starting with the basics, Telerik WPF Controls Tutorial will take you from the simple usage of a DataTable to serializing XML files into objects, covering a discussion of different types of security and validation for WPF windows along the way.

This book will start out by showing you the simple methods of populating Telerik RadControls using a DataTable. You will then move on to look at populating a generic list of objects from a database as well as serializing XML files into class objects. You will cover how to secure a WPF application using a simple database example as well as Active Directory to determine navigation control loading. You will then review using the Telerik API interface classes to load Gantt information. With this book, you will be guided through building an application with the addition of all the important controls along with provisions for data entry, layouts, editors, navigation, and scheduling.

This book will teach you the different aspects of the Telerik controls, from using the DataContext property to loading the controls using the Telerik API references. The book will also cover other WPF subjects such as security and WPF validation of the DataContext property.


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