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Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization

Gordon Beeming

Learn how to customize TFS and create useful plugins for your organization.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782177142
Paperback102 pages

About This Book

  • This book accelerates the understanding of TFS extension points
  • Learn how to create a JavaScript web access plugin
  • Discover the tips and tricks of customizing TFS

Who This Book Is For

This practical guide is intended for those who want to extend TFS. This book is for intermediate users who have an understanding of TFS, and basic coding skills will be required for the more complex customizations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Customizing the TFS Process Templates for Your Business
Prerequisites or tools
Customizing the TFS work items
Adding a new portfolio to the process template
Chapter 2: Increasing Web Access Usability
Customizing TFS dashboard tiles
Changing the default columns for portfolio boards
Adding fields to the add panels
Creating a basic JavaScript plugin
Chapter 3: Enhancing Work Items with Custom Controls
Creating a Windows Forms control
Creating a control for use inside the Web Access
Using the control on an existing work item definition
Displaying a web page with rich data inside a WITD
Chapter 4: Creating Server Plugins
Using a TFS plugin over a check-in policy
The basics of a server plugin
Creating a check-in plugin
Creating a work item changed plugin
Chapter 5: Creating TFS Scheduled Jobs
Creating a TFS job
Checking the job history
Debugging a TFS job
Deregistering the custom job with TFS
Chapter 6: Customizing a TFS Build Process
Creating a copy of the default build template
Creating a custom build activity
Adding a custom activity to an existing build template
Adding a build template argument

What You Will Learn

  • Create and modify pieces of the TFS Process template
  • Customize the dashboard of teams with useful information
  • Extend the task and portfolio boards with meaningful information
  • Develop custom controls that change the way users interact with data
  • Make server plugins that will help add some business rule validation to TFS Check ins and work item data changes
  • Implement scheduled jobs that will enforce advanced business rules based on a schedule
  • Extend the build process to cater to more complex builds
  • Reference external services as part of a build to provide awareness of new binaries

In Detail

Team Foundation Server offers you the benefit of having all your data in one system with all tools tightly integrated with each other, making it easier for teams to work together. Knowing how to customize the Team Foundation Server is very useful as well as powerful. Having the knowledge and applying it to TFS can save users many hours as well as make it easier to understand the data in TFS for reporting purposes.

This book will show you how to customize various TFS features in order to create an enhanced experience for your users and improve their productivity. You will create custom controls that will be used in client applications and inside the web access. Next, you will learn how to embed a web page inside your work items to display rich information linked to the work items you are opening.

This book will show you how to modify a team’s process template, and then slowly get to grips with some C# code and create a scheduled job.

Using this book, you will create a JavaScript web access plugin that greatly increases productivity. You will start off by making various modifications to the process template to illustrate how we can cater to custom data requirements, and then we will move towards writing code to perform more complex customizations.

Customizing Team Foundation Server 2013 is one of the best methods you can use to provide rich data for reporting in TFS.


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