Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Second Edition

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  • Understand the difference between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming
  • Explore the different types that Swift offers and what pitfalls to avoid
  • Error handling with do-try-catch block
  • Delve into Generics and Generic programming
  • Implement several design patterns in a protocol-oriented way
  • How to design applications by prioritizing the protocol first and the actual type second

One of the most important additions to the new features and capabilities of the Swift programming language was an overhaul of Protocols. Protocol-oriented programming and first class value semantics have now become two incredibly powerful concepts at the heart of Swift’s design.

This book will help you understand the difference between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming. It will demonstrate how to work with protocol-oriented programming using real world use cases. You will gain solid knowledge of the different types that can be used in Swift and the differences between value and reference types. You will be taught how to utilize the advanced features of protocol-oriented programming to boost the performance of your applications.

By the end of the book, you will have a thorough understanding of protocol-oriented programming and how to utilize it to build powerful, practical applications.

  • Leverage the power of protocol-oriented programming in your applications and learn from real world use cases
  • Create a flexible codebase with protocols and protocol extensions
  • Increase the overall productivity and performance of applications with protocol-oriented programming
Page Count 218
Course Length 6 hours 32 minutes
ISBN 9781787129948
Date Of Publication 28 Nov 2016


Jon Hoffman

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