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Spring Security [Video]

Eugen Paraschiv

An empirical approach to securing your web applications
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Video Details

ISBN 139781782168652
Course Length2 hour 10 minutes

About This Video

  • Fully secure your web application with Spring Security
  • Implement authentication and registration with the database as well as with LDAP
  • Utilize authorization examples that help guide you through the authentication of users step-by-step
  • Learn with precise and practical examples for advanced security scenarios such as ACL, REST, and Remember Me
  • See how to integrate with your choice of technology and framework

Who This Video Is For

This video course is for Java developers who are looking to build new web applications or secure existing ones by removing as much boilerplate as possible through practical solutions. Viewers should be acquainted with basic Java and XML and should have knowledge of the Spring framework.

Table of Contents

Spring Security Setup
The Spring Security Setup and Form-based Authentication
Authentication – Log in and Log Out
Authorization – URL
Authorization – Security Expressions
Authorization – in Page
The Registration Process with an In-memory Authentication Provider
The Registration Process with a JDBC-backed Authentication Provider
The Registration and Authentication Process with JPA
The Remember Me Authentication
The Remember Me Mechanism with a Cookie - The Basic Setup
The Remember Me Mechanism with a Cookie - Advanced Analysis
The Remember Me Mechanism with Persistence
The Remember Me Mechanism with More Advanced Scenarios
Spring Security with LDAP
Authentication with LDAP
Authorization with LDAP
Authentication and Authorization with an External LDAP Server
Authorization with Spring Expressions
Authorization With Expressions - URL
Authorization With Expressions - in Page
Authorization With Expressions - on Methods
REST Authentication and Authorization
The REST Service and Its Setup
REST with Basic Authentication
REST with Digest Authentication
Spring Security ACL
Introduction to Domain Object Security and ACL
The ACL Data Structure
The ACL Setup and Configuration with Spring Security
Advanced ACL

What You Will Learn

  • Implement the basic security for a web application starting with authentication and authorization techniques
  • Dig deeper into the process of registration, from raw JDBC to the implementation of a more mature and production-ready Hibernate/JPA implementation
  • Discuss and learn how to implement Remember Me for a web application along with the benefits that it brings, and also learn about the standard Cookie implementation and the harder-to-attack persistence-backed implementation
  • Integrate and set up Spring Security to talk to LDAP
  • Map both the users and the authorities/roles and finish with some advanced scenarios
  • Explore practical usages of Spring Expressions, from securing full pages by their URL to securing elements within a page and finally securing business functionality in the Service Layer
  • Implement the security of a REST API and learn how to set up both basic and advanced authentication processes.
  • Learn how to utilize Spring Security for higher levels of security scenarios including the Access Control Lists for all domain entities in the application
  • Learn how to spot potential design flaws that can make an application vulnerable and how to address these concerns by using and adapting the highly flexible Spring Security framework to your own environment and security need.

In Detail

Secure a standard Java web application with Spring Security by implementing registration and authentication processes and setting up the Remember Me mechanism. This course shows you how to leverage the powerful authorization mechanisms available and allows you to grasp the full flexibility of Spring expressions. Learn how to secure the REST API of this application and how to set up the advanced ACL Authorization for practical application.

This video course will help you secure your web application with the use of highly practical examples. You will also learn how to implement security checks, thus enabling you to create a staunch authentication mechanism that will prevent spoofing. Integrate with LDAP and progress on to more advanced security techniques such as Remember Me or the powerful ACL mechanism.

These pragmatic videos will help you learn how to implement various techniques for securing your web application through the use of simple to advanced use cases that follow the development of a web application using practical, step-by-step examples.

Each video section shows different ways to empower Spring Security for the web. The authentication techniques comprising of login, registration, and logout are implemented in this course. Moreover, the Remember Me functionality is added to the web app in addition to integration with a production-ready LDAP server. Further on, the authorization method is used and discussed in detail with simple roles, before moving on to the more flexible Spring expressions and finally the extremely powerful Access Control Lists mechanism, which allow security rules per object.

Ultimately, this video course is meant to help you hit the ground running with proper security for your web applications. The primary goal of the course is to be efficient, utilitarian, and immediately applicable for a web application.



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