Spring Security Essentials

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  • See industry standard security implementations in action
  • Understand the principles of security servers, concepts, installation, and integration
  • Use Spring Extensions for various security mechanisms
  • Get to grips with the internals of the tools and servers involved in the security layer
  • Work through practical projects and working programs
  • Compare different security servers and techniques
  • Use the sample projects in practical, real-time applications
  • Get further readings and guidance on advanced security mechanisms

Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. Like all Spring projects, the real power of Spring Security is how easily it can be extended to meet custom requirements. The popularity of the Spring framework is increasing and the security package of Spring addresses vast mechanisms of Security in a rich way. Due to an increasing number of applications for various business needs, the integration of multiple applications is becoming inevitable. The standard security procedures available across multiple implementations in Spring will protect vulnerable applications that are open to larger public and private audiences.

Spring Security Essentials focuses on the need to master the security layer, which is an area not often explored by a Spring developer.

At the beginning, we’ll introduce various industry standard security mechanisms and the practical ways to integrate with them. We will also teach you about some up-to-date use cases such as building a security layer for RESTful web services and applications.

The IDEs used and security servers involved are briefly explained, including the steps to install them. Many sample projects are also provided to help you practice your newly developed skills. Step-by-step instructions will help you master the security layer integration with the Server, then implement the experience gained from this book in your own real-time application.

  • Explore various security concepts using real-time examples of the Spring Security framework
  • Learn about the functionalities that implement industry standard authentication and authorization mechanisms to secure enterprise-level applications
  • Design and develop advanced Spring Security layers by following a step-by-step approach
Page Count 164
Course Length 4 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781785282621
Date Of Publication 13 Jan 2016


Nanda Nachimuthu

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