Spring Roo 1.1 Cookbook

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  • Get started with the Spring Roo development tool
  • Create the persistence layer of an application using JPA support in Spring Roo
  • Create web applications using Spring Web MVC, Spring Web Flow, GWT, Flex-BlazeDS, and so on
  • Extend Spring Roo by creating custom add-ons
  • Remove Spring Roo from enterprise applications
  • Migrate existing applications to use Spring Roo
  • Test enterprise applications using Spring's TestContext framework (for the persistence layer) and Selenium (for web-tier controllers)
  • Get tips on how to effectively use Spring Roo for developing enterprise applications
  • Create applications for Google App Engine using Spring Roo
  • Learn about round-tripping support in Spring Roo
  • Add security using Spring Security support in Spring Roo

Spring Roo is an easy-to-use productivity tool for rapidly developing Java enterprise applications using well-recognized frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, AspectJ, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, GWT, and so on. Spring Roo takes care of creating maven-enabled projects, enterprise application architecture based on your choice of technologies, unit/integration tests based on your choice of testing framework, and so on. The bottom line is that if you're using Spring, then you must consider using Spring Roo for increased productivity.

Spring Roo 1.1 Cookbook brings together a collection of recipes that demonstrate how the Spring Roo developer tool simplifies rapidly developing enterprise applications using standard technologies/frameworks such as JPA, GWT, Spring, Flex, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, and so on. It introduces readers to developing enterprise applications for the real world using Spring Roo tool. The book starts off with basic recipes to make readers comfortable with using Spring Roo tool. As the book progresses, readers are introduced to more sophisticated features supported by Spring Roo in the context of a Flight Booking application. In a step-by-step by fashion, each recipe shows how a particular activity is performed, what Spring Roo does when a command is executed, and why it is important in the context of the application being developed.

Initially, you make a quick start with using Spring Roo through some simple recipes. Then you learn how Spring Roo simplifies creating the persistence layer of an enterprise application using JPA. You are introduced to the various roo commands to create JPA entities, create relationships between JPA entities, create integration tests using Spring TestContext framework, and so on. Following this, the book shows you how Spring Roo simplifies creating the web layer of an enterprise application using Spring Web MVC, Spring Web Flow, and how to create selenium tests for controller objects.

Subsequently, we focus on using Spring-BlazeDS, GWT, JSON, and so on. Spring Roo commands that are used to incorporate e-mail/messaging features into an enterprise application are demonstrated next. Finally, we wrap it up with some miscellaneous recipes that show how to extend Spring Roo via add-ons, incorporate security, create cloud-ready applications, remove Spring Roo from your enterprise application, and so on.

  • Learn what goes on behind the scenes when using Spring Roo and how to migrate your existing Spring applications to use Spring Roo
  • Incrementally develop a Flight Booking enterprise application from scratch as various features of Spring Roo are introduced
  • Develop custom add-ons to extend Spring Roo features
  • Full of tips and code for addressing common concerns related to developing a real enterprise application using Spring Roo
Page Count 460
Course Length 13 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781849514583
Date Of Publication 26 Sep 2011


Ashish Sarin

Ashish Sarin has more than 11 years of experience architecting and developing web applications and portals using Java EE and the Portlets API. He has authored many articles on portlets and rich internet applications using Spring, Liferay, DWR, DOJO, JSF, and Spring Portlet MVC. He is also the author of Portlets in Action published by Manning Publications.