Spring Boot Cookbook

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  • Create Spring Boot applications from scratch
  • Configure and tune web applications and containers
  • Create custom Spring Boot auto-configurations and starters
  • Use Spring Boot Test framework with JUnit, Cucumber, and Spock
  • Configure and tune web applications and containers
  • Deploy Spring Boot as self-starting executables and Docker containers
  • Monitor data using DropWizard, Graphite, and Dashing

Spring Boot is Spring's convention-over-configuration solution. This feature makes it easy to create Spring applications and services with absolute minimum fuss. Spring Boot has the great ability to be customized and enhanced, and is specifically designed to simplify development of a new Spring application.

This book will provide many detailed insights about the inner workings of Spring Boot, as well as tips and recipes to integrate the third-party frameworks and components needed to build complex enterprise-scale applications.

The book starts with an overview of the important and useful Spring Boot starters that are included in the framework, and teaches you to create and add custom Servlet Filters, Interceptors, Converters, Formatters, and PropertyEditors to a Spring Boot web application. Next it will cover configuring custom routing rules and patterns, adding additional static asset paths, and adding and modifying servlet container connectors and other properties such as enabling SSL.

Moving on, the book will teach you how to create custom Spring Boot Starters, and explore different techniques to test Spring Boot applications. Next, the book will show you examples of configuring your build to produce Docker images and self-executing binary files for Linux/OSX environments.

Finally, the book will teach you how to create custom health indicators, and access monitoring data via HTTP and JMX.

  • Learn to create different types of Spring Boot applications, configure behavior, and add custom components
  • Become more efficient in testing, deploying, and monitoring Spring Boot based applications
  • This is a practical guide that will help Spring developers to develop and deploy applications using Spring Boot
Page Count 206
Course Length 6 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781785284151
Date Of Publication 27 Sep 2015


Alex Antonov

Alex Antonov is a very passionate technologist with a hunger to learn new tools, languages, techniques, and concepts behind enterprise application design. His specialty lies in designing highly scalable distributed large-scale enterprise systems. He is also a frequent presenter on the topics of architecture and design at conferences such as UberConference, JavaOne, and SpringOne 2GX.

Alex joined Orbitz Worldwide in 2004 and in his current role of senior principal engineer, he is responsible for providing technical leadership and guidance in the development of foundational technologies, core libraries, and APIs for enterprise-wide use, as well as being responsible for web application frameworks and developing common practices.

Alex has been a long-time Spring user, starting with Spring 2.0.8 all the way to the latest and greatest—Spring Boot. Besides Java, he is also proficient in Ruby/Rails, PHP, and Groovy, and is currently learning Erlang and Go.