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Spring Boot 2 Fundamentals

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  • Create your own Spring Boot application from scratch
  • Write comprehensive unit tests for your applications
  • Store data in a relational database
  • Build your own RESTful API with Spring Boot
  • Developa rich web interface for your applications
  • Secure your application with Spring Security

Spring Boot 2 Fundamentals begins with the basics of Spring Boot. You will write and test simple code using the Spring Framework and then use these skills to learn advanced concepts, such as creating an HTML-based frontend with dynamic data and HTML forms. As you make your way through the chapters, you will create a simple web interface to display blog posts, list all articles, along with creating and editing blog articles. You will work with the REST API functionality that Spring Boot offers and secure your blog application.

By the end of this book, you will have learned how to persist your blog posts in a database, bringing everything together as a web application.

  • Learn key skills for building complete professional Java applications
  • Develop your own blogging application as you learn core concepts
  • Master the core concepts of Spring Boot with hands-on exercises and activities
Page Count 288
Course Length 8 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781789804980
Date Of Publication 26 Nov 2018


Alexander Sparkowsky

Alexander Sparkowsky has been a passionate software developer since the 1980s. He started building embedded systems during his college years, using Assembler and the C programming language. During his studies in the 1990s, he became very interested in the Java programming language. Since then, he has been developing full-stack applications in various languages and for multiple platforms, his main focus being on Java EE in the beginning. Eventually, he discovered the Spring Framework, and later Spring Boot, which became his favorite platform. Recently, he started using Kotlin, which makes developing modern micro-services even more fun. He enjoys learning and teaching new technology. When working in teams, he is a big fan of agile software development.

Michael Piefel

Michael Piefel earned his fist salary in a programming job over 20 years ago – working in Pascal. After a number of years working with C and C++, he finally moved to Java in 2005. He has been using the Spring Framework since 2011 and Spring Boot since 2016. He used to be an instructor at the Humboldt University of Berlin (and still likes to share his knowledge) but is a full-time software engineer nowadays.

Patrick Cornelißen

Patrick Cornelißen is a software developer at heart, and the founder and CEO of orchit GmbH and kulinariWeb GmbH. He has written a number of applications in various languages and platforms and specializes in micro-service-based applications and the transition of monolithic applications to micro-services. He started using the Spring Framework in 2009 and has been a big fan ever since. After his family, software craftsmanship is one of his passions, which he pursues whenever he has some spare time. For this, he has organized example code retreats and open space conferences in the past. He likes learning about new things in the field of (agile) software development as much as he likes teaching.