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Software Testing using Visual Studio 2012

Subashni. S, Satheesh Kumar. N

Learn different testing techniques and features of Visual Studio 2012 with detailed explanations and real-time samples
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849689540
Paperback444 pages

About This Book

  • Using Test Manager and managing test cases and test scenarios
  • Exploratory testing using Visual Studio 2012
  • Learn unit testing features and coded user interface testing
  • Advancement in web performance testing and recording of user scenarios

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers and testers who want to get to grips with Visual Studio 2012 and Test Manager for all testing activities and managing tests and results in Team Foundation Server. It requires a minimal understanding of testing practices and the software development life cycle; also, some coding skills would help in customizing and updating the code generated from the web UI testing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Visual Studio 2012 Test Types
Software testing in Visual Studio 2012
Testing as part of software development life cycle
Types of testing
Test management in Visual Studio 2012
Microsoft Test Manager
Chapter 2: Test Plan, Test Suite, and Manual Testing
Test Plan
Test Suite and its types
Running manual tests
Shared steps and action recording for shared steps
Adding parameters to manual tests
Chapter 3: Automated Tests
Coded UI tests from action recordings
Chapter 4: Unit Testing
Creating unit tests
Assert statements
Unit Tests and Generics
Data-driven unit testing
Unit Testing using Fakes
Code coverage unit test
Chapter 5: Web Performance Test
Creating the web performance test
Web performance test editor
Debugging and running the web test
Chapter 6: Advanced Web Testing
Dynamic parameters in web testing
Coded web test
Debugging coded web test
Custom rules
Chapter 7: Load Testing
Creating a Load Test
Chapter 8: Ordered and Generic Tests
Ordered tests
Generic tests
Chapter 9: Managing and Configuring Tests
Using Test settings
Chapter 10: The Command Line
VSTest.Console utility
MSTest utility
Chapter 11: Working with Test Results
Test Runs and Test Results
Chapter 12: Exploratory Testing and Reporting
Exploratory testing
Reports using Team Foundation Server
Creating a report definition using Visual Studio 2012
Chapter 13: Test and Lab Center
Connecting to Team Project
Testing Center
Lab Center

What You Will Learn

  • Discover different testing types as part of Visual Studio 2012
  • Use the test plan, test suite, manual testing ,and exploratory testing
  • Record user interface actions and generating code out of it to customize the test
  • Get to grips with unit testing features and data-driven unit tests to automate the tests for multiple scenarios
  • Add extraction rules, validation rules, and custom rules to the recorded requests and add parameters to the requests
  • Create and configure load tests with the help of a web performance test or unit test
  • Analyze the detailed view of test results
  • Execute the existing tests at the command line using the MSTest command line utility
  • Report on the test results and publish the test results

In Detail

Testing is one of the main phases in the software development lifecycle. Managing the test scenarios, test cases, defects, and linking each one of these is bit of a challenge without using any tools. For frequently changing businesses, it is essential to address testing requirements by matching the pace of the business. This can only be achieved through automation of the possible testing scenarios to reduce the turnaround time of testing.

Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2012 is a practical, hands-on guide that provides a number of clear, step-by-step exercises, which will help you to take advantage of the new features and real power of Visual Studio 2012.

Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2012 starts with the basics of testing types and managing the tests using Test Explorer and a few other tools. Practical examples are added to help you understand the usage of various tools and features in a better way. Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2012 is written from a developer point of view and helps you take advantage of the unit testing features and customize the tests by generating the code and fine-tuning it as per your needs. The Test Manager is a standalone tool which is part of the Visual Studio tools family and takes care of test management. Software Testing Using Visual Studio 201 covers the usage of the test plan, test suite, manual testing, and exploratory testing using Test Manger and managing these aspects using these tools.

Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2012 also covers the recording of user actions and creating automated tests out of it. This book covers generating and adding parameters to the recording and replacing it at runtime, adding validation and extraction rules to the tests, running the tests using command line commands, looking at the details of test results, and configuring the running the load test out of web performance or unit tests.

This book helps you to understand the complete testing features and how to make use of automation features as well. It will appeal to both developers and testers.


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