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Software Testing using Visual Studio 2010

Satheesh Kumar. N, S. Subashni

A step by step guide to understanding the features and concepts of testing applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849681407
Paperback400 pages

About This Book

  • Master all the new tools and techniques in Visual Studio 2010 and the Team Foundation Server for testing applications
  • Customize reports with Team foundation server.
  • Get to grips with the new Test Manager tool for maintaining Test cases
  • Take full advantage of new Visual Studio features for testing an application's User Interface
  • Packed with real world examples and step by step instructions to get you up and running with application testing


Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer, a software tester, or an architect who wishes to master the amazing range of features offered by the Visual Studio 2010 for testing your software applications before going live - then this book is for you.

This book assumes that you have a basic knowledge of testing software applications and have good work experience of using Visual Studio IDE.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Visual Studio 2010 Test Types
Software testing in Visual Studio 2010
Testing as part of the Software Development Life Cycle
Types of testing
Test management in VS 2010
Microsoft Test Manager
Chapter 2: Test Plan, Test Suite, and Manual Testing
Test Plan
Test Suite and Test Suite Types
Run Manual Tests
Shared steps and action recording for shared steps
Chapter 3: Automated Tests
Coded UI Test from Action Recording
Chapter 4: Unit Testing
Creating unit tests
Assert statements
Unit tests and generics
Data-driven unit testing
Unit testing an ASP.NET application
Unit testing web services
Code coverage unit test
Chapter 5: Web Performance Testing
Creating Web Performance Test
Recording a test
Web Performance Test editor
Debug/Running Web Performance Test
Chapter 6: Advanced Web Testing
Dynamic parameters in Web Performance Testing
Coded Web Performance Test
Debugging the Coded Web Performance Test
Custom rules
Chapter 7: Load Testing
Creating Load Test
Chapter 8: Ordered and Generic Tests
Ordered tests
Generic tests
Chapter 9: Managing and Configuring a Test
Managing tests using Test Lists
Configuring tests
Chapter 10: Command Line
MSTest utility
Running a test from the command line
Publishing test results
Trace files
Chapter 11: Working with Test Results
Test Results
Chapter 12: Reporting
Team Foundation Server reports for testing
SQL Server Business Intelligence Project
Chapter 13: Test and Lab Center
Connect to Team Project
Testing Center
Lab Center

What You Will Learn

  • Master different types of testing in the software development life cycle, and how test management is supported in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Use test manager for creating test plans, test suites and requirement based test suites.
  • Create and customize code from the action recording and associate the data to UI testing.
  • Get grips with web performance testing and set properties for the web test.
  • Learn about creating a load test for simulating actual user loads and tests using virtual users, browser mix and network mix.
  • Understand the concept of using Test Controller and Test Agents and configuring them when simulating the multi-user environment to test performance
  • Master the test list and running tests in a specific order.
  • Get acquainted with Generic test which is used for testing third party components and services
  • Use the command line utility MSTest to run the tests and publish the results to Team Project and Team Build in Team Foundation Server
  • Learn about Test results and associating tests as part of automated build-in

In Detail

When testing your applications on the Microsoft platform, Visual Studio 2010 offers you a range of powerful tools for different types of testing. This Microsoft product makes the testing process easier and faster.

A concise guide that will lead you through the amazing range of features offered by Visual Studio 2010 to test your software applications before going live. It is packed with simple but interesting examples to make you comfortable with Visual Studio 2010 testing environment. The book introduces you to the main types of testing available in Visual Studio for both desktop and web applications, and then walks you through deploying, running, and interpreting the results of tests.

Visual Studio 2010 is the new version of Microsoft's software development product, and includes lots of new features for developing and testing software applications. In collaboration with Team Foundation Server, it provides supporting tools for the management of the entire application life cycle, including development and testing.

This book is more focused on testing features and the supporting tools provided by Visual Studio 2010 for testing the applications.

The book begins by explaining different types of tests as part of the software development cycle, and then dives deep into providing an overview of each type of application testing using Visual Studio 2010 features. Along the way you will also learn in detail about creating and maintaining the test cases and associating the test cases with requirements using the Test Manager Tool.

Each chapter in the book concentrates on explaining each test type using the features and tools provided by Visual Studio 2010. You will be guided in using these features with real world examples with step by step explanations.


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