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  • Document a process-based SOA architecture using "enhanced 4+1", ARIS, SCA, UML, and BPMN
  • Learn by example how to separate BPM and SOA processes
  • Model choreography and orchestration in BPMN and BPEL
  • Divide a process that involves both manual and automated activities between BPM and SOA
  • Manage state in short- and long-running processes
  • Model processes intelligently using three variants of a structured "flat form" approach: event-based, state-based, and flow-based
  • Develop dynamic processes to manage the "change problem": problems that arise when you need to change the definition of a process that has live cases in production
  • Simulate SOA processes using concepts from discrete event simulation and the Poisson process
  • Measure the complexity of SOA processes

SOA Cookbook covers process-oriented SOA. BPEL is the best-known language in this area, and this book presents numerous BPEL examples. It also studies proprietary vendor process languages such as TIBCO's BusinessWorks and BEA's Weblogic Integration. If you are building SOA processes in the field, chances are you are using one of the languages discussed in SOA Cookbook. The book assumes that the reader is comfortable with XML and web services.

Author Michael Havey works with SOA in the field for TIBCO (and previously for IBM, BEA, and Chordiant). SOA Cookbook is Michael's second book. Essential Business Process Modeling, his first book, was published in 2005.

  • Lessons include how to model orchestration, how to build dynamic processes, how to manage state in a long-running process, and numerous others
  • BPEL tools discussed include BPEL simulator, BPEL compiler, and BPEL complexity analyzer
  • Examples in BPEL, TIBCO's BusinessWorks, BEA's Weblogic Integration
Page Count 268
Course Length 8 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781847195487
Date Of Publication 29 Sep 2008


Michael Havey

Michael Havey is an architect with thirteen years experience in integration, SOA, and BPM. A consultant in TIBCO's financial services practice, Michael previously worked as a consultant for IBM, BEA, Chordiant, and eLoyalty. Michael is the author of two books and several articles. Michael lives near Ottawa, Canada.