Server Side development with Node.js and Koa.js Quick Start Guide

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  • Create a simple server in Node.js and Koa
  • Work with custom middleware in Koa
  • Handle errors in Koa
  • Create routes, handle requests, and send responses from APIs
  • Build views and use templates in Koa
  • Authenticate your application and structure it properly in Koa

Every developer wants to build modular and scalable web applications. Modern versions of JavaScript have made this possible in Node.js, and Koa is a Node.js framework that makes it easy. This book is the ideal introduction for JavaScript developers who want to create scalable server side applications using Node.js and Koa.js.

The book shows you how Koa can be used to start projects from scratch, register custom and existing middleware, read requests, and send responses to users. We will explore the core concepts in Koa, such as error handling, logging, and request and response handling. We will dive into new concepts in JavaScript development, and see how paradigms such as async/await help with modern Node.js application development.

By the end of this book, you will be building robust web applications in Koa using modern development paradigms and techniques of Node.js development.

  • Get up and running with Koa.js and leverage its power with node.js
  • Get the most out of Koa Async functions and generators
  • Create real time dynamic serverside apps efficiently with Koa.js
Page Count 132
Course Length 3 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781789345391
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Olayinka Omole

Olayinka Omole is a software engineer currently based in London who grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. He is self-taught and primarily enjoys building with JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Java. He has written a lot about these technologies in multiple blogs and publications, including Sitepoint, and He spends most of his time doing the usual fun things—writing code, learning how to write more code, and watching TV shows. His background in electrical and electronic engineering ensures that his passion for embedded engineering and DIY projects is also kept alive.