Scala Test-Driven Development

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  • Understand the basics of TDD and its significance
  • Refactoring tests to build APIs in order to increase test coverage
  • How to leverage the inbuilt Scala testing modules like ScalaTest, specs2 and Scala Check
  • Writing test fixtures and apply the concepts of BDD
  • How to divide tests to run at different points in continuous delivery cycle
  • Benefits of refactoring and how it affects the final quality of code produced
  • Understanding of SBT based build environment and how to use it to run tests
  • The fundamentals of mocking and stubbing in Scala and how to use it efficiently

Test-driven development (TDD) produces high-quality applications in less time than is possible with traditional methods. Due to the systematic nature of TDD, the application is tested in individual units as well as cumulatively, right from the design stage, to ensure optimum performance and reduced debugging costs.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to use the principles of TDD and built-in Scala testing modules to write clean and fully tested Scala code and give your workflow the change it needs to let you create better applications than ever before.

After an introduction to TDD, you will learn the basics of ScalaTest, one of the most flexible and most popular testing tools around for Scala, by building your first fully test-driven application. Building on from that you will learn about the ScalaTest API and how to refactor code to produce high-quality applications.

We’ll teach you the concepts of BDD (Behavior-driven development) and you’ll see how to add functional tests to the existing suite of tests. You’ll be introduced to the concepts of Mocks and Stubs and will learn to increase test coverage using properties.

With a concluding chapter on miscellaneous tools, this book will enable you to write better quality code that is easily maintainable and watch your apps change for the better.

  • Get a deep understanding of various testing concepts such as test-driven development (TDD) and BDD
  • Efficient usage of the built-in Scala features such as ScalaTest, specs2, and Scala check
  • Change your approach towards problem solving by thinking about the boundaries of the problem and its definition rather than focusing on the solution
Page Count 198
Course Length 5 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781786464675
Date Of Publication 26 Oct 2016


Gaurav Sood

Gaurav Sood is a Scala and XQuery consultant who consults through his own company Omkaar Technologies Limited. He started playing with computers at a very early age and eventually went onto complete his post-graduate degree in computer sciences.

After working for an Indian software service house for a couple of years, he decided to start his own consultancy business. Since then, his company has provided services to a few Tier 1 Investment banks, the government of the United Kingdom, and publishing houses. He has gained an irrefutable reputation and distinction in the industry. Gaurav has previously worked with HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Reed Elsevier, Lexis Nexis, John Wiley & Sons, HMRC, and Associated News, amongst other smaller names in the industry.

When he is not consulting or writing, Gaurav can be seen making a fuss of his family. He likes spending time with his beautiful wife and two sons. He also loves volunteering for charity fund raising through sponsored runs. Gaurav also runs a small charitable trust in Shimla, India (New Life), which helps provide education to under-privileged children.