React Native By Example

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  • How to create mobile-performant iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React
  • The potential of each API and component, putting them into practice throughout the course of three projects
  • The process of integrating the Facebook SDK to build an app that connects to third-party data
  • Every step taken to implement Redux, a popular state management library, in your mobile apps
  • The requirements for building and deploying your apps to market, with detailed instructions on how to release and beta test apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play

React Native's ability to build performant mobile applications with JavaScript has resulted in its popularity amongst developers. Developers now have the luxury to create incredible mobile experiences that look and feel native to their platforms with the comfort of a well-known language and the popular React.js library.

This book will show you how to build your own native mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms while leveraging the finesse and simplicity of JavaScript and React.

Throughout the book you will build three projects, each of increasing complexity. You will also link up with the third-party Facebook SDK, convert an app to support the Redux architecture, and learn the process involved in making your apps available for sale on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

At the end of this book, you will have learned and implemented a wide breadth of core APIs and components found in the React Native framework that are necessary in creating great mobile experiences.

  • Work on native APIs and UI Elements using React Native
  • Get the best of both worlds: the power of native approach and the fluidity of JavaScript
  • Create increasingly complex real-world applications and dive deeper into React Native
Page Count 414
Course Length 12 hours 25 minutes
ISBN 9781786464750
Date Of Publication 23 Apr 2017


Richard Kho

Richard Kho is a software engineer living in San Francisco. He taught himself how to code in 2014 and has lived a past life as a photographer and cinematographer.

He currently works for Capital One and has taught software engineers at Hack Reactor in the past. Richard is also a technical advisor to Code Chrysalis, an advanced software engineering immersive in Tokyo.