React Material-UI Cookbook

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  • Learning to build the overall structure, layout, and navigation for your Material UI app.
  • Learning to present simple and complex information in a variety of ways.
  • Build interactive and intuitive controls.
  • Designing portable themes and styles for all of your Material UI apps.

Material-UI is a component library for rendering UI elements, using modern best practices from React and Material Design. This book will show you how you can create impressive and captivating modern day web apps by implementing Material Design considerations. The primary objective of this book is to help you use several Material-UI components to build larger UI functionality. We will also focus on React best practices in conjunction with Material-UI components – using state, context, and other new React 16.8 features properly. This book will start with layout and navigation and then dive into presenting the information with Material-UI components. It will then talk about the different components for user interactions. By the end of this book, you will know how to improve the look and feel of your applications using Material-UI components.

  • Grasp the needs React components for UI elements
  • Master the style and theme of the tools to go along with these components
  • Get to grips with all the React best practices to build a modern application
Page Count 534
Course Length 16 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781789615227
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2019


Adam Boduch

Adam Boduch has been involved with large-scale JavaScript development for nearly 10 years. Before moving to the frontend, he worked on several large-scale cloud computing products using Python and Linux. No stranger to complexity, Adam has practical experience with real-world software systems and the scaling challenges they pose. He is the author of several JavaScript books, including React and React Native, by Packt Publishing and is passionate about innovative user experiences and high performance.