Raspberry Pi: Amazing Projects from Scratch

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  • Discover an aweome range of Raspberry Pi projects
  • Bridge the gap between software and hardware through your Pi and find out how to make an operating system interact with cameras and other hardware
  • Find out how to use your Raspberry Pi for gaming
  • Secure your home with this tiny computer!
  • Make science fiction a reality - build a walking robot

Looking for inspiration for your next Raspberry Pi project? Not sure where to begin? This Learning Path is the perfect place to begin, providing you with an accessible yet comprehensive journey through Raspberry Pi. Following three modules, you’ll soon be confident and prepared to get creative with your microcomputer.

Raspberry Pi by Example is the first module in this Learning Path - and it does exactly what it says. It doesn’t just teach, it shows you how to go and build some awesome Raspberry Pi projects immediately. Build and play your own games with the Pi, build a complete Internet of Things home automation system that controls your house through Twitter… let your imagination run wild!

In the next module we’ll look in more depth at building a home security system. You’ll be using some of the skills you devoped through the first module, but apply them to something more intricate and impressive. Using a Linux based operating system as the foundations, you’ll gradually build up an entire security infrastructure adding cameras, remote controls, and even intrusion alerts!

In the final module, we’ll take you into the world of Raspberry Pi robotics. By the end of it, you’ll have built a biped robot that can interact with its environment!

This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Raspberry Pi By Example by Ashwin Pajankar and Arush Kakkar
  • Building a Home Security System with Raspberry Pi by Matthew Pole
  • Raspberry Pi Robotics Essentials by Richard Grimmett
  • From robotics to gaming, this Learning Path will unlock your creativity!
  • Build your own impressive IoT projects to transform your home
  • Featuring some of Packt's very best Raspberry Pi content, this Learning Path doesn't just get you to your destination - it opens up a whole horizon of possibilities!
Page Count 593
Course Length 17 hours 47 minutes
ISBN 9781787128491
Date Of Publication 25 Sep 2016


Ashwin Pajankar

Ashwin Pajankar is a software professional and IoT enthusiast with more than 5 years' experience in software design, development, testing, and automation.

He graduated from IIIT Hyderabad, earning an M.Tech in computer science and engineering. He holds multiple professional certifications from Oracle, IBM, Teradata, and ISTQB in development, databases, and testing. He has won several awards in college through outreach initiatives, at work for technical achievements, and community service through corporate social responsibility programs.

He was introduced to Raspberry Pi while organizing a hackathon at his workplace, and he's been hooked on Pi ever since. He writes plenty of code in C, Bash, Python, and Java on his cluster of Pis. He's already authored one book on Raspberry Pi and reviewed three other titles related to Python for Packt Publishing.

His LinkedIn Profile is at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashwinpajankar/.

Arush Kakkar

Arush Kakkar is a computer vision and deep learning researcher and an undergraduate at Delhi Technological University. His primary focus is on autonomous robotics, which includes drones and self-driving cars, and he has been involved in building such systems in different capacities, such as navigation, localization, path planning. He has also leveraged state-of-the art computer vision and deep learning technologies for them. He is the electrical systems head of the Solar Car team of his university, Solaris DTU.

He is currently working on his own driverless car company, CruiseX, which uses deep learning to drive more smoothly and with fewer errors.

Matthew Poole

Matthew Poole is a systems engineer based near Southampton on the south coast of England, with over 20 years of industry experience. After graduating in electronics and communications engineering, he went on to train as and become an air traffic engineer for Civil Aviation Authority, UK, working on microprocessor-based control and communications systems.

Later, he became a software architect and mobile technology specialist, working for several consultancies and global organizations in both hands-on architecture and product-management roles .

He is now a partner at Connecting Objects, a boutique systems consultancy focusing on the design of Bluetooth and other wireless-based IoT systems, taking ideas from concept to prototype. He is also the Director of Technology for Mobile Onboard, a leading UK-based transport technology company specializing in bus connectivity and mobile ticketing systems.

He is also the author of Building a Home Security System with Raspberry Pi, Packt Publishing.

You can find his blog at http://cubiksoundz.com and LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/cubik, or you can reach him on Twitter at @cubiksoundz.

Dr. Richard Grimmett

Dr. Richard Grimmett has been fascinated by computers and electronics from his very first programming project, which used Fortran on punch cards. He has bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering and a PhD in leadership studies. He also has 26 years of experience in the radar and telecommunications industries, and even has one of the original brick phones. He now teaches computer science and electrical engineering at Brigham Young University, Idaho, where his office is filled with his many robotics projects.