QlikView for Finance

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  • Design Key Performance Indicators and extend your revenue ratio reporting
  • Set up actions within a Text Object and create variables to make a chart toggle between visible and not visible
  • Merge data from multiple sources to get more asset management options
  • Examine good and bad practices in dashboard design and create a Group button to make more data available in less space
  • Analyse the sales dashboard by adding tending lines and forecasting
  • Create input boxes and use the input in formulas to perform “What If” analysis
  • Examine the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Inventory Turnover, and investigate the usefulness of Pivot
  • Create a QlikView analysis document and add data to it to gain deep insights

This book is an effective step-by-step tutoring guide for financial analysis using Qlikview.

It begins by teaching you the crucial concepts of Qlikview Finance to help you develop an effective understanding of financial data analysis and finance. The book then goes on to cover real-world, practical examples on the use of Qlikview for financial planning and analysis, expense management, risk management, and more.

Moving on, topics such as Asset Management QlikView Dashboard and Retail Sales Analysis are covered in a strategic way. We then shift the focus to deal with the concepts of Inventory, Supply Chain, and Plant Coverage Dashboards. The book then reaches its conclusion by dealing with ways to share your QlikView insights. By the end of this book, you will have a good understanding of how to use Qlikview for numerous applications in finance.

  • Get accustomed to QlikView features for effective data analysis and visualization in Finance
  • Employ the Memory data store, which refreshes data in real time, providing a faster response to business financial information
  • A step-by step guide to using Qlikview features such as key performance indicators, interactive charts, and tables for financial analysis
Page Count 174
Course Length 5 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781784395742
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2015


B. Diane Blackwood

B. Diane Blackwood has worked as a consultant implementing business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions since 2005. She has extensive experience in multiple industries (micro-electronics to heavy equipment manufacturing, medical, legal, and various retail industries) implementing BI and CPM solutions. In 2010, she worked with El Camino Hospital creating data warehouse/data marts to feed QlikView, a "social business discovery" software. When working closely with Dr. Michael Gallagher, formerly Director of Informatics at El Camino Hospital, his enthusiasm for the uses of QlikView in analyzing hospital and medical data "infected" her.

Diane and her husband, Bob, moved from Chicago to Albuquerque in June 2012. He took early retirement from the City Colleges of Chicago, and they have had Albuquerque on their short list of retirement locations since 1997.

In the past, Diane has written several biographic encyclopedia articles including articles on Charles Babbage, Erving Goffman, and Isaac Asimov.

You can find her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bdianeblackwood.