Python and Data Science : A Practical Guide [Video]

More Information
  • How to set up your Python environment
  • How to manipulate String & Variables with Python
  • How to use Booleans & Logical Operators with Python
  • How to use Functions & Packages with Python
  • How to use Pandas & Data Frames with Python
  • How to perform Data Visualization with Python
  • How to do Web Scraping with Python
  • The Basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • The Basics of Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning

This course is designed to teach you the basics of Python and Data Science in a practical way, so that you can acquire, test, and master your Python skills gradually.
You’ll see that you'll learn all these things with Python:

  • Using Variables & Strings
  • Using Booleans & Logical Operators
  • Using Functions & Packages
  • Using Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Using For & While Loops
  • Using Panda & Data Frames
  • Doing Data Visualization
  • Scraping Web Data
  • Doing some basic Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Basics of Machine Learning & Deep Learning

And much more to come.

Stlye and Approach

This course is designed in a practical way to teach you the basics of Python and Data Science. A complete course packed with step-by-step instructions, working examples, and helpful advice. This course is clearly divided into small parts that will help you understand each part individually and help you learn at your own pace.

  • Learn Python and Data Science in a practical way
  • Learn to Set up Python environment
Course Length 13 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781838553012
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2019


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Michael Mustaine

Michael Mustaine is a polymath with academic and professional experience in psychology and data science. He has created innovative human-centric analysis for user segmentation, feature selection, machine learning, and key performance metric generation specialized to individual client needs. Recent clients include: cryptocurrency hedgefunds, not-for-profit data journalists, and universities. He provide interpretable evaluations of complex behaviour with a degree of innovation that only comes from being a trailblazer in the field.