Python 3.x for Computer Vision [Video]

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  • Work with open source libraries such Pillow, Scikit-image, and OpenCV
  • Write programs such as edge detection, color processing, image feature extraction, and more
  • Implement feature detection algorithms such as LBP and ORB
  • Understand Convolutional Neural Networks to learn patterns in images

This video course is a practical guide for developers who want to get started with building computer vision applications using Python 3. The video is divided into six sections:

  • The Fundamentals of Image Processing 
  • Applied Computer Vision
  • Object detection
  • Making Applications Smarter
  • Extending your Capabilities using OpenCV
  • Getting Hands on

Throughout this video course, three image processing libraries: Pillow, Scikit-Image, and OpenCV are used to implement different computer vision algorithms.

The course will help you build Computer Vision applications that are capable of working in real-world scenarios effectively. Some of the applications that we look at in the course are Optical Character Recognition, Object Tracking and building a Computer Vision as a Service platform that works over the internet.

Style and Approach

Each stage of the course elaborates on various concepts and algorithms in image processing/computer vision using Python. This step-by-step practical guide can be used both as a tutorial and as a reference.

  • Learn how to build a full-fledged image processing application using free tools and libraries
  • Perform basic to advanced image and video stream processing with OpenCV’s Python APIs
  • Understand and optimize various features of OpenCV with the help of easy-to-grasp examples
Course Length 1 hour 29 minutes
ISBN 9781788838207
Date Of Publication 25 Sep 2017


Saurabh Kapur

Saurabh Kapur is a computer science student at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. His interests are in computer vision, numerical analysis, and algorithm design. He often spends time-solving competitive programming questions. Saurabh also enjoys working on IoT applications and tinkering with hardware. He likes to spend his free time playing or watching cricket. He can be reached at