Programming Microsoft Dynamics� NAV 2013[eBook]

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  • Get to grips with fundamental programming and design concepts
  • Learn the C/AL programming language, alongside many useful built-in functions
  • Discover how to successfully deliver interactive user data presentation
  • Learn convenient methods for extracting NAV data
  • Sharpen your skills and increase your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is a complete and robust ERP system that is accompanied by a comprehensive set of development tools. You will learn how to master these tools and tailor Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 to meet your customer's specific business needs.

Programming Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2013 will lead you from start to finish, teaching you how to use this incredible ERP software whilst simultaneously making you a more productive developer. You'll learn how to implement your solutions, as well as evaluating, managing and appraising Dynamics NAV 2013 productions and projects.

You will be empowered with the skills and knowledge that you need to get the job done and exceed your client’s expectations. Step by step, you will learn how to use NAV, master the C/AL programming language, as well as the construction and uses of each object type. Ultimately, you will be able to bring your NAV 2013 solution together with fantastic efficiency.

Hands-on development examples and additional material teach you by example and uncover the insider knowledge that only years of experience can provide, truly unleashing your productivity and potential.

  • A comprehensive reference for development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, with C/SIDE and C/AL
  • Brimming with detailed documentation that is additionally supplemented by fantastic examples
  • The perfect companion for experienced programmers, managers and consultants
Page Count 630
Course Length 18 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781849686488
Date Of Publication 22 Feb 2013


David A. Studebaker

David Studebaker has been a software consulting entrepreneur and manager most of his career while always maintaining a significant role as an application developer. David has been designing, developing, and teaching software since 1962. He has been a founding partner in five software service firms, most recently Studebaker Technology and Liberty Grove Software. Among his special achievements was the design and development of the very first production SPOOL system, a 1967 AT&T / IBM joint project.

David has been writing for publication since his college days. His published writings include a decade of technical reviews for the ACM’s Computing Reviews and a variety of articles and reference material on shop floor data collection. David is the author of four other Packt books on programming in Dynamics NAV C/AL, two of which were coauthored with Christopher Studebaker.

David has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He is a life member of the Association for Computing Machinery and was a founding officer of two ACM chapters.

Christopher D. Studebaker

Christopher Studebaker has worked as a NAV Developer / Implementer since 1999. He has experience designing, developing, implementing, and selling in the NAV and SQL Server environments, specializing in retail, manufacturing, job shop, and distribution implementations, mostly in high user-count, high data volume applications.

Chris has worked on many NAV implementations with integrations to external databases and third-party add-on products. Some special applications have included high volume order entry, pick-to-light systems, point of sale, procurement analysis, and web front ends.

Chris acts in a consulting and training role for customers and for peer NAV professionals. He provides training both in informal and classroom situations, often developing custom course material to support courses tailored to specific student group needs. Courses have included various NAV functional and development areas. Chris was a co-author of two previous books on programming in NAV C/AL.

Before becoming a certified NAV developer, Chris was a certified environmental consultant. His duties included regulatory reporting, data analysis, project management, and subcontractor oversight in addition to managing projects for hazardous material management and abatement.

Chris is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional, SQL database developer, as well as a Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Professional in NAV Development and NAV Installation and Configuration. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University and has done graduate work at Denmark Technical University.

Chris was a co-author of the Packt books, Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.