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The Professional ScrumMaster's Handbook

Stacia Viscardi

A collection of tips, tricks, and war stories to help the professional ScrumMaster break the chains of traditional organization and management
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849688024
Paperback336 pages

About This Book

  • Checklists, questions, and exercises to get you thinking (and acting) like a professional ScrumMaster
  • Presented in a relaxed, jargon-free, personable style
  • Full of ideas, tips, and anecdotes based on real-world experiences

Who This Book Is For

The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook is for anybody who wishes to be a true ScrumMaster as the role was originally intended - a fearless, professional, change facilitator. This book extends your working knowledge of Scrum to explore other avenues and ways of thinking to help teams and organizations reach their full potential.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Scrum – A Brief Review of the Basics (and a Few Interesting Tidbits)
The problem
A brief history
The underlying concepts of Scrum
Scrum roles
Brief review of the Scrum framework
Scrum artifacts
Visible progress
Dysfunctions or true constraints?
Is your team ready for Scrum?
Recommended reading
Chapter 2: Release Planning – Tuning Product Development
Start at the beginning – product backlog
Release planning – when will you set your features free?
Recommended reading
Chapter 3: Sprint Planning – Fine-tune the Sprint Commitment
Sprint planning basics
Preparing for sprint planning
Running the sprint planning meeting
Improving sprint planning
Recommended reading
Chapter 4: Sprint! Visible, Collaborative, and Meaningful Work
How the Scrum team should work
Working in a sprint
Estimating work
The misunderstood daily scrum meeting
Individual influences to the work of the sprint
What's 'Norm'al for one team is not for another
A corporate culture and its impact on teamwork
Recommended reading
Chapter 5: The End? Improving Product and Process One Bite at a Time
Sprint review – inspecting and adapting the product
Sprint retrospective – inspecting and adapting processes and teamwork
Why should we care about reviews and retrospectives?
Recommended reading
Chapter 6: The Criticality of Real-time Information
Yesterday's news is old news
Through the Scrum microscope
Scrum microscope summary
When physical taskboards and conversations aren't enough
Waste and obstacle removal
Chapter 7: Scrum Values Expose Fear, Dysfunction, and Waste
Prepare for change aches and pains
The five core values of Scrum
Recommended reading
Chapter 8: Everyday Leadership for the ScrumMaster and Team
Everyday leadership
First, what kind of personality do you have?
Portrait of a leader
How to become a better ScrumMaster
Know your communication style
Other ScrumMaster characteristics
Which ScrumMaster persona are you?
Recommended reading
Chapter 9: Shaping the Agile Organization
Will Agile cause a ripple, or a tsunami?
Culture change requires a multi-faceted approach
Self-actualizing individuals create an Agile organization
Don't go it alone
Avoiding Scrum as a panacea
Why change? What blocks?
Immunity to change
Face it, Scrum might not be for your organization
Recommended reading
Chapter 10: Scrum – Large and Small
Scrum stops the resource shell game
Small Scrum
When Scrum gets big—dysfunction or constraint?
A real need for a project Grand Poobah
Agile DNA
Recommended reading
Chapter 11: Scrum and the Future
A leaner Agile Manifesto
Redefining the role of the organization
Regular product reviews or demos
We are all ScrumMasters

What You Will Learn

  • Create and maintain an impediment backlog to support continuous improvement for you, your team, and your organization
  • How to tell the difference between an obstacle and a true constraint
  • Create a culture transition map to help your team and organization deliver quickly and flexibly
  • Work through exercises to help co-workers and management discover for themselves a new way of approaching tasks
  • Align your actions to the Scrum values every day
  • Facilitate “lean” meetings - light and quick, yet effective

In Detail

A natural and difficult tension exists between a project team (supply) and its customer (demand); a professional ScrumMaster relaxes this tension using the Scrum framework so that the team arrives at the best possible outcome.

"The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook" is a practical, no-nonsense guide to helping you become an inspiring and effective ScrumMaster known for getting results.

This book goes into great detail about why it seems like you’re fighting traditional management culture every step of the way. You will explore the three roles of Scrum and how, working in harmony, they can deliver a product in the leanest way possible. You’ll understand that even though there is no room for a project manager in Scrum, there are certain “management” aspects you should be familiar with to help you along the way. Getting a team to manage itself and take responsibility is no easy feat; this book will show you how to earn trust by displaying it and inspiring courage in a team every day.

"The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook" will challenge you to dig deep within yourself to improve your mindset, practices, and values in order to build and support the very best agile teams.


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