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  • Create feature-rich UI applications
  • Utilize the various input elements provided by PrimeFaces
  • Develop impressive UI for 10 successful real-time business models
  • Build an enterprise application
  • Enable fast and responsive navigation systems for each application
  • Explore custom application development

Through this book, you will gain practical experience in building web applications for a variety of business models. Starting with a basic application that will help you get acquainted with UI application development using PrimeFaces, you will learn about the significance of Ajax components. You will then be introduced to code compilation and generation in PrimeFaces. Following our first application, you will learn how to develop an employee registration application utilizing the form components of PrimeFaces. You will then learn how to use the layout and grouping components demonstrated through a POS application.

Finally, you will discover how to build rich and interactive applications such as an online shopping cart, a movie portal, an e-commerce application, a news portal, an online chat messenger, and also a healthcare products application, each illustrating the intuitive components offered by PrimeFaces.

  • Learn how to use the rich UI components of PrimeFaces
  • Explore all the major features of PrimeFaces with real-world examples
  • Step-by-step guide with precise explanations of code and functionalities
Page Count 310
Course Length 9 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781783983223
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2014


Sudheer Jonna

Sudheer Jonna was born in Nellore, India. Currently, he works as a senior software engineer in Singapore. He completed his master's degree in computer applications from JNTU University. In the past few years, he has worked on building various Java and JavaScript web applications based on JSF, PrimeFaces, Struts, Spring, REST, jQuery, Angular, React, and VueJS. He has also worked on many JavaEE and API development technologies, such as JPA (Hibernate), EJB, GraphQL, and Sequelize.

He is the founder of GeekoTek company and is a longtime JSF and Prime products expert. He is also a project member of the PrimeFaces, PrimeFaces Extensions, and PrimeNG open source projects. He is the author of three other Packt books, titled Learning PrimeFaces Extension Development, PrimeFaces BluePrints, and PrimeFaces Theme Development. He has worked as a technical reviewer on a few books. He is a regular speaker, trainer, reviewer, blogger, organizer, and active member of public forums. He is interested in R&D on the latest technologies.

He shares his knowledge through his personal website. You can follow him on Twitter with the handle @SudheerJonna.

Ramkumar Pillai

Ramkumar Pillai is the leading authority on latest global technical trends and a proficient technical architect of the Java J2EE technology. He has been employed by major software companies across the globe, and he currently works as a senior consultant in advanced web technology.

He can be described as a smart professional with significant IT experience in technical architecture and project management on leading Java technology stacks. He has received acclaim for his contributions to PrimeFaces, Grails and Groovy, and Play Frameworks all through his career in the form of deliverables, documentation, or presentations. He was also a co-speaker at the conference on the latest trends in the web technology stack at Dallas, Texas, in September 2012.

When he is not working, he creates web designs and illustrations for retail marketing portals and blogs about almost anything, be it Big Data or his favorite Bonsai culture.

He has also been a lead consultant for companies such as Triadic Technologies and Smarterscart. He is the kind of person who believes "good is the enemy of great", and he is currently working on a few research and development projects that are not related to his favorite subject, Java.