Practical Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Ethereum and Solidity [Video]

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  • A thorough understanding of blockchain technology.
  • Create blockchain applications and smart contracts using Solidity language in Ethereum platform.

In this course, we have taken extreme care to keep a 30 / 70 percentage balance between the theoretical concepts and the practical implementation respectively. Before we proceed with the intense practice sessions, we will have the first few sessions in which we discuss the history and the basic concepts of blockchain distributed applications and smart contracts.

Then, we’ll prepare the environment and start with the creation of our first block in the chain. Going further, we’ll add the functionality to add new blocks so that we can create rest of the blocks. We will test the block addition mechanism and implement hash verification and include an additional security measure. We will implement the concept of mining rewards for the minor. We will create an Ethereum-based blockchain and deploy our smart contract within the ethereum blockchain network. We’ll add the dependencies and configure them. Going forward, we’ll add many more additional functionalities to our blockchain application.
After this course, you will get a clear idea of how and where to implement blockchain in your existing software projects as well as your upcoming project ideas.

Style and Approach

This course is designed in such a way that each section will cover a new scenario and a step-by-step approach to help you learn and understand the concept.

  • You’ll learn about the architecture and the working of Blockchain technology.
  • You will create a Blockchain application.
Course Length 4 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781838826000
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2019


Abhilash Nelson

Abilash Nelson is a pioneering, talented and security-oriented Android/iOS mobile and PHP/Python web application developer offering more than eight years’ overall IT experience, which involves designing, implementing, integrating, testing, and supporting impact-full web and mobile applications. His experience with PHP/Python programming is an added advantage for server-based Android and iOS client applications.