Power Up Your PowToon Studio Project

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  • Discover how to create color schemes that just look right
  • Understand how voiceover can add an entire dimension to your project
  • Decide what type of style might work best for your project
  • Apply the principle of "less is more" to avoid creating a "FrankenToon" that has too many elements
  • Apply consistent backgrounds and learn how to choose props that meet the needs of your audience
  • Use appropriate animations, animated characters, and transitions
  • Learn design basics for visuals and text and how to preview and export your PowToon creation

This book will not only provide you with a complete product feature and functionality overview, it will also teach you some techniques that can add professionalism to your project to help you plan and develop a great video or presentation.

The theory behind cartoon creation and its use as a powerful digital media is explored in this book. Chapter by chapter, the book builds on the planning and creation of a PowToon project. You'll learn how to tell a story by learning scripting and storyboarding essentials. You'll also learn how to customize your backgrounds, use a variety of props, manipulate and animate objects, and use voice and text (introducing some cartoon text conventions). The book ends with a look at publishing, and once your PowToon project is complete, we'll introduce you to some ways in which you can extend your PowToon project using other tools.

  • In-depth navigation and explanations for the entire PowToon product
  • Challenges the way you to think about how to plan your PowToon project depending on audience and purpose
  • Illustrative guide with interactive examples to kick start your professional narrations using this book
Page Count 250
Course Length 7 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781784392802
Date Of Publication 24 Feb 2015


Bruce Graham

Bruce Graham has been creating online content for over 15 years. He was responsible for EMEA staff and partner online learning at Oracle Corporation for 5 years before becoming the Global Sales Training Manager at Amdocs for 4 years. For the last 7 years, he has been a UK-based freelance instructional designer who constantly uses PowToon as a component within modules of corporate e-learning when a change of pace is required or a specific point needs to be highlighted.

He also uses PowToon to create marketing and tutorial videos for a variety of companies around the world in a large number of sectors, such as real estate, healthcare, IT, commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene, and retail organizations. To know more, visit http://www.animatedcourses.guru/.