OSWorkflow: A guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source Business Process Management

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In this book we will:

  • Understand basics of BPM technology.
  • See how to create workflows with the help of an examples workflow.
  • Integrate Drools open source engine in our workflow engine.
  • Integrate Quartz task scheduler along with the Workflow.

Chapter 1 gives an overview of the BPM technology and the workflow engine, along with an analysis of the different type of BPMS.

Chapter 2 introduces OSWorkflow and teaches the basics of the workflow engine along with a real life example.

Chapter 3 introduces several key features of OSWorkflow like handling persistent and transient variables, variable interpolation, built in OSWorkflow functions, Conditions, BeanShell scripting.

Chapter 4 covers Persistence of variables across invocations, and the FunctionProviders along with integrating OSWorkflow with Spring.

Chapter 5 introduces and integrates Rules engine and Drools open source rule engine.

Chapter 6 we explore the Quartz task scheduler, its integration with OSWorkflow and we give a tutorial with Quartz sending events and actions to OSWorkflow.

Chapter 7 introduces Event Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing. We give an OSWorkflow function provider that interfaces with the ESPer CEP engine and allows the monitoring of real time process information and events.

Chapter 8 gives OSWorkflow visualization of its business process information with the Pentaho Open source BI solution. Using the charting capabilities of Pentaho we build an enterprise process dashboard to monitor and analyze the processes.


OSWorkflow is an open-source workflow engine written entirely in Java with a flexible approach and a technical user-base target. It is released under the Apache License. You can create simple or complex workflows, depending on your needs. You can focus your work on the business logic and rules. No more Petri Net or finite state machine coding! You can integrate OSWorkflow into your application with a minimum of fuss. OSWorkflow provides all of the workflow constructs that you might encounter in real-life processes, such as steps, conditions, loops, splits, joins, roles, etc.

This book explains in detail all the various aspects of OSWorkflow, without assuming any prior knowledge of Business Process Management. Real-life examples are used to clarify concepts.

  • Basics of OSWorkflow
  • Integrating business rules with Drools
  • Task scheduling with Quartz


Page Count 212
Course Length 6 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781847191526
Date Of Publication 29 Aug 2007


Diego Adrian Naya Lazo

Diego Naya Lazo is a Chief Enterprise Architect living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently works for Argentina’s biggest healthcare provider and has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He has participated in several projects as a hands-on software architect and performed the technical lead role in many companies. His interest in computer programming began with his desire to create the most vivid 3D animations as a graphic designer at age of 15. His interests range from Enterprise Architecture to SOA and BPM technology. He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect and holds others certifications such as: SCJP, SCWCD, MCSA and Security+. He also is a member of the WWISA and GEAO enterprise architect’s associations as well as an active developer of the OSWorkflow project. He holds a Bachelor degree in IT and is currently enrolled in an MBA program. Away from work, Diego enjoys traveling all around the world with his family. You can reach with at dienaya@gmail.com