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The Oracle Universal Content Management Handbook

Dmitri Khanine

Build, Administer, and Manage Oracle Stellent Universal Content Management (UCM) Solutions with this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849680387
Paperback356 pages

About This Book

  • Build a complete Oracle UCM system from scratch and quickly learn to configure, administer, and operate it efficiently
  • Match and exceed savings and efficiency expectations, and avoid devastating data losses with important tips and tricks
  • Migrate content like a pro—bring mountains of new content in faster than you ever dreamed possible
  • Customize Oracle UCM by going "under the hood" of Content Server and master all the tools and techniques available for altering its interface and behavior to suit your requirements
  • Smoothly integrate the UCM into your overall organization's infrastructure and avoid dreaded manual data re-entry and multiple "source of truth" repositories that spell disaster for Content Management systems
  • Written in clear, plain English, this book is packed with working examples and important tips

Who This Book Is For

If you want to get started with Oracle UCM, this is the perfect book for you. This book is also beneficial for Oracle Stellent UCM users, administrators, and developers who are ready to jump up to the next level of expertise.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running
Installation overview
Chapter 2: Major Controls
Where to start?
Managing users
More ways to get content in
Chapter 3: Metadata
Exploring metadata
How to find content quickly
Customizing the check-in and content info forms
The future of metadata
Chapter 4: Understanding Security
Security model made easy
Understanding the role-based component
Understanding the accounts component
Planning your security model
Chapter 5: Understanding Workflows
How to set up and change workflows
More things you can do with Content Server workflows
Chapter 6: Understanding Virtual Folders and WebDAV
The key to understanding virtual folders
Exploring virtual folders
How to use WebDAV and Desktop Integration
Using Oracle Desktop Integration
Lab 5: Contributing content using WebDAV and Windows Explorer
Chapter 7: Under the Hood
Nine important directories: Which ones will make your life easier?
Introducing Content Server services
Chapter 8: Backup, Restore, and Content Migration
How to backup and restore
How to migrate content—faster than anyone else thought possible
Chapter 9: Migrating Configuration
Completing your backup, restore, and migration toolkit
How to migrate your configuration
How to migrate folder structures
Chapter 10: Customizing Oracle UCM
Documentation and support—the unexpected treasures
Integrating UCM into larger architectures
Customizing the content server
Five ways to maximize results when working with a UCM vendor
Chapter 11: Web Content Management and Collaboration
Getting ready for Web Content Management
Creating your website
Adding online collaboration

What You Will Learn

  • Follow a step-by-step installation overview that walks you through the entire process—from downloading the free evaluation version to verifying the complete installation
  • Gain an instant introduction to operations, diagnostics, and troubleshooting of Oracle UCM
  • Set up and change UCM workflows with step-by-step instructions and master advanced workflow concepts such as jumps, sub-workflows, basic and criteria workflows, and tokens and aliases
  • Customize the Content Server interface by tapping into its powerful scripting and Dynamic Server Page resources
  • Master all the tools available to alter the content server behavior
  • Back up your UCM and avoid devastating data losses
  • Smoothly integrate Oracle UCM into your enterprise
  • Set up and use folder structures, with a detailed walkthrough so you can bring alive your shared drives and other existing content
  • Install and configure web content management, with a complete walkthrough of the server-site setup, and how to best use templates, regions, and fragments to create killer websites
  • Use Archiver to remove inactive content, migrate items to other servers manually and with real-time automatic replication, and mass-update metadata saving hours of manual labor
  • Use Windows Explorer Integration (WEI)— so users can work with UCM as if it was part of Windows and to enable them to contribute content directly from MS Office
  • Learn insider tips on using the entire Oracle UCM Product Offering
  • Understand the Security Model and secure you UCM with important tips-and-tricks

In Detail

Oracle UCM is a world-leading Enterprise Content Management platform. From Document Management, Web, Records, and more—Oracle has got all your business needs covered. Oracle UCM enables your organization to efficiently manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents.

Written by Oracle ACE Dmitri Khanine, this book is a complete practical guide to building an ECM system and successfully configuring, administering, and operating it. It also shows you how to efficiently manage your organization's content and customize the UCM to fit your needs.

This book wastes no time in getting you up and running and dives straight into the installation of the content server in Chapter 1. In the second chapter, you will master all the major controls and the admin interface. Metadata—a very important ingredient of any ECM—is thoroughly covered in Chapter 3. The book then moves on to the important tasks of securing your ECM system, configuring and managing workflows, and understanding and implementing virtual folders. The book also gives you an under-the-hood view of Stellent in Chapter 7. In the later chapters, you will learn how to migrate content like a pro and easily customize Oracle ECM. A bonus addition to the book is the final chapter, which is an easy-to-follow primer on web content management.


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