Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook

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  • Managing Composite Lifecycle on the Service Infrastructure
  • Automating Composite Deployments and Promoting Code using Configuration Plans
  • Monitoring Composite Instances, Service Components and Engines
  • Performance Tuning the Service Infrastructure and Dehydration Store Database
  • Administering Service Components, Engines and Adapters
  • Using WLST for Performance Tuning and Administration
  • Troubleshooting Exceptions in Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Configuring and Managing Security Policies using OWSM
  • Managing MDS repository and Database Growth
  • Backing up and recovering your environment
  • Patching, Upgrading and Scripting Installations

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is the backbone of messaging and application integration in a service-oriented architecture. An application administrator is responsible for an end-to-end administration and management of the infrastructure. Understanding the underlying components, services, and configuration and their relations to each other is necessary to effectively administer the Oracle SOA Suite 11g environment. Due to its sheer size, administering Oracle SOA Suite 11g is a daunting task.

This book provides detailed explanations of all the core administrative and management activities around Oracle SOA Suite. It includes compact information for end-to-end administration of Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It delves into advanced topics such as silent installs, cloning, backup and recovery and high availability installations.

Using this book, you will be able to administer and secure your Oracle SOA Suite services and applications. You will follow examples that you can use in your everyday life as a SOA Suite administrator.

The book begins with managing composite applications, their deployments and lifecycles and then moves on to monitoring instances, service engines, Weblogic Server and composite applications.
With a detailed coverage of topics like the administration of individual service components as well as configuring MBeans using both Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control and WLST-based scripts, you will be equipped to work with any services and applications.

Towards the end, you will be taken through identifying faults & exceptions, troubleshooting approaches, and securing various components.

  • Monitor your Oracle SOA Suite environment and fine tune the performance of your Oracle SOA Suite services and applications.
  • Manage the underlying WebLogic server, threads and timeouts, file systems, and composite applications
  • "Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator’s Handbook" takes a step-by-step approach and offers tips, instructions, and examples that you can use in real-world
Page Count 380
Course Length 11 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781849686082
Date Of Publication 23 Aug 2012


Ahmed Aboulnaga

Ahmed Aboulnaga is a Technical Director at Raastech, a complete lifecycle systems integrator headquartered at Virginia, USA. His professional focus is in technical management, architecture, and consulting within the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack. He has implemented enterprise solutions for commercial, government, and global customers over the years. Ahmed holds an MS degree in Computer Science and is an Oracle ACE, OCE, and OCA. He actively contributes to the online community in the area of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Ahmed is currently the President of the West Michigan Oracle Users Group.

Arun Pareek

Arun Pareek is an IASA-certified software architect and has been actively working as an SOA and BPM practitioner. Over the past 8 years, he has worked in the capacity of a consultant and an architect for the implementation of a variety of large-scale SOA and BPM projects for customers across the globe. He has a knack for designing systems that are scalable, performance efficient, and fault tolerant, and he is a keen enthusiast of BPMN, automation, and cloud computing. He is currently employed by Rubicon Red, an innovative IT professional services firm headquartered in Australia, which focuses on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies, such as SOA, BPM, and cloud computing.

Prior to working with Rubicon Red, Arun worked for companies such as Dell and Accenture, where he successfully executed many Oracle FMW-based projects in the communications and utilities domain.

Arun has also been engaged with Packt Publishing as a technical reviewer for quite some time now, reviewing a few of their books on Oracle BAM 11g and the book Oracle BPM 11g Cookbook. He is also an active blogger of these technologies and runs a widely popular blog at He can be contacted at his personal e-mail address at