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Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial

Ravi Saraswathi, Jaswant Singh

Your step-by-step, hands-on guide to Oracle SOA BPEL PM 11gR1
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849688987
Paperback330 pages

About This Book

  • Learn by doing, with immediate results
  • Create, integrate, and troubleshoot BPEL services with Oracle BPEL Process Manager and JDeveloper step by step
  • Design, develop, test, deploy, and run a full SOA composite application using industry leading practices

Who This Book Is For

Written for SOA developers, administrators, architects, and engineers who want to get started with Oracle BPEL PM 11g. No previous experience with BPEL PM is required, but an understanding of SOA and web services is assumed

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Basic BPEL Processes
Evolution of web applications
Evolution of integration technologies
An introduction to BPEL
Installing and configuring BPEL Process Manager
Creating an SOA Suite domain
Creating sample BPEL business processes
Deploying BPEL business processes
Testing and managing BPEL business process instances
Chapter 2: Configuring BPEL Processes
Understanding the BPEL language framework
BPEL activities
Selecting the timeout value for synchronous processes
BPEL correlation
Creating property aliases
Chapter 3: Invoking a BPEL Process
Communicating between BPEL to/from Java
Invoking a service from a BPEL process
Invoking Java from BPEL
Configuring BPEL timeouts
Chapter 4: Orchestrating BPEL Services
Designing orchestration
BPEL variables
Human Task
Business Rules engine
Chapter 5: Test and Troubleshoot SOA Composites
Testing SOA composites from the EM
Testing a composite from JDeveloper
Viewing instances and messages on JDeveloper
Creating a test suite
The Dehydration Store
BPEL Process Manager logging
The MBean browser
Chapter 6: Architect and Design Services Using BPEL
Services architecture and design guidelines
Services-based application design
Interaction design patterns
Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)
Human tasks
Chapter 7: Performance Tuning – Systems Running BPEL Processes
The Java Virtual Machine
SOA Suite
Load balancers
Operating system
Chapter 8: Integrating the BPEL Process Manager with Service Bus, Registry, and SOA Deployment
The SOA composite application architecture
Oracle Registry
Service bus
SOA Suite deployment
Chapter 9: Securing a BPEL Process
Securing a BPEL process
Chapter 10: Architecting High Availability for Business Services
SOA environment
Cluster architecture
Backup and recovery strategy
Data center(s)
Oracle Service Bus
Chapter 11: The Future of Process Modeling
Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
The evolution of business process modeling
Business Process Management (BPM)
Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Techniques
JVM issues
Application issues
Database issues
CPU spikes
Load balancing issues
SSL issues
Network issues
User activity issues
Extending to a domain

What You Will Learn

  • Learn BPEL language and create basic and complex BPEL processes using JDeveloper and Oracle SOA Suite BPEL Process Manager Platform
  • Follow step-by-step instructions for creating and configuring adaptors, human workflow, and advanced BPEL orchestration techniques
  • Practise deploying, testing, debugging, tuning, error handling, and troubleshooting Oracle SOA Suite Platform and BPEL processes
  • Integrate BPEL Process manager with Oracle Service Bus, Business Rules Engine, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), and Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Learn how to achieve scalability, high availability, and failover-failback capabilities to deliver Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) objectives
  • Discover the evolution and future of BPEL and compare BPEL with BPMN and other leading process technologies

In Detail

BPEL, Business Process Execution Language is the definitive standard in writing and defining actions within business processes. Oracle BPEL Process Manager R1 is Oracle’s latest offering, providing you with a complete end-to-end platform for the creation, implementation, and management of your BPEL business processes that are so important to your service-oriented architecture.

"Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial" is your guide to BPEL design and development, SOA Suite platform troubleshooting, and engineering in a detailed step-by-step guide working real-world examples and case studies.

Using industry-leading practices you will start by creating your first BPEL process and move onto configuring your processes, then invoking, orchestrating, and testing them. You will then learn how to use architect and design services using BPEL, performance tuning, integration, and security, as well as high availability, troubleshooting, and modeling for the future.

"Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial" is your complete hands-on guide to Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11g.


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