Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11 Expert Guide

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  • Introduction to JavaScript and programming in Interactive Reporting
  • Simple to complex dashboards and methods used by developers to build advanced interfaces
  • Advanced techniques for building computed items with built-in and JavaScript functions
  • Leverage Report sections to create briefing slides and custom programming to build batch exports
  • Merging and modifying a document with the Dashboard Studio and Dashboard Studio Optimize Utility
  • Create a centralized code database for use across multiple Interactive Reporting documents in the enterprise



Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting is one of many products in the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus software suite, an industry-leading business intelligence platform.  The primary focus of the Interactive Reporting product is to provide strong relational querying and data analysis capabilities, where the software provides significant flexibility for creating custom dashboards, interfaces, and data analysis routines through the use of JavaScript programming and built-in software functionality.  While Interactive Reporting is extremely flexible, performing advanced operations in the software is complicated and requires basic programming knowledge and an advanced understanding of the software.  This book continues from where The Business Analyst’s Guide to Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11 completed and provides the reader with the information to successfully execute the advanced features of the product along with examples and specific techniques applicable to everyday use.

The Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11 Expert Guide provides software users and developers with many examples of the techniques used by software experts. The book begins with an introduction to leveraging advanced features of the project and an introduction to JavaScript.  Dashboards are a major focus of the book with four chapters focused on building a simple to complex dashboard including functions, global objects, and syncing selections across dashboards.  The book places an emphasis on learning methods for data analysis by using advanced programming and built-in functions, and a unique approach to using code to generate batch reports and exports is provided.  The Dashboard Studio Optimize Utility and the Dashboard Studio Merge utility are explained in detail, and the approach to building and using a central code repository for use in dashboards and computations across multiple documents in an enterprise is demonstrated.  

This book will help the reader become an expert user of the software, providing the skills necessary to understand, communicate, and perform advanced level tasks.  The authors’ experience in developing and supporting Interactive Reporting users is very apparent throughout each chapter of the book.  While the book displays content and examples from version 11 of the software, the book is also applicable to previous versions of the software dating back to version 8, so readers not currently using Interactive Reporting 11 will find the book applicable to daily use with the product.

  • Walk through a comprehensive example of a simple, intermediate, and advanced dashboard with a focus on Interactive Reporting best practices.  
  • Explore the data analysis functionally with an in-depth explanation of built-in and JavaScript functions.  
  • Build custom interfaces to create batch programs and exports for automated reporting.  
  • Demonstrate expertise by learning to build a central code repository.
  • Explore merging through the Dashboard Studio and the beneficial features of the Dashboard Studio Optimize Utility.
  • Become an expert by mastering the concepts and examples presented in this book.


Page Count 276
Course Length 8 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781849683142
Date Of Publication 8 Dec 2011


Edward J. Cody

Edward J. Cody is an accomplished data warehouse and business intelligence consultant with over eight years of experience with Hyperion products. Mr. Cody was a speaker at Oracle OpenWorld 2008 on Essbase, and he has spoken at local user groups on ETL software. His experience with Interactive Reporting began with Brio v6 and has continued through the most recent version. He also has extensive experience with Essbase and Financial Reporting. Mr. Cody has consulted both private and Government organizations throughout his career. He has a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the George Washington University, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and he has a Master of Science in the Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce. His experience includes managing large data warehouse and business intelligence projects and providing senior advisory consulting services. He is well known for his efforts to centralize metrics, reduce BI complexity, leverage process automation and product integration. Mr. Cody is the author of The Business Analyst’s Guide to Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11 and decided to author a second book with Ms. Vose on Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting to better educate the user on advanced topics in the software. They identified that an advanced guide on the advanced features of Interactive Reporting would be beneficial to all software users.

Emily M. Vose

Emily M. Vose is an experienced business process management consultant specializing in Hyperion Interactive Reporting. Hailing from user-oriented graphics design and frontend application development, Ms. Vose brings an unique vision to the reporting process that is rare in the business intelligence world. This perspective led Ms. Vose to construct a framework within Interactive Reporting facilitating rapid report development and enterprise maintenance, even for users with minimal technical expertise. Ms. Vose has consulted with several organizations, including Hyperion Solutions and Oracle Corporation, and is now the owner of Wagger Designs, LLC, a technology services consulting group, based in the Washington, DC metro area. Ms. Vose has a Bachelor of Science in Cinema and Photography from the Ithaca College Roy H. Park School of Communications and currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two young sons.