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Oracle Fusion Applications Administration Essentials

Faisal Ghadially, Kalpit Parikh

This book will bring you rapidly up to speed with the fundamentals of administering, configuring, and maintaining Oracle Fusion Applications. It walks you through the processes step by step with lots of illustrations and clear instructions.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849686860
Paperback114 pages

About This Book

  • Provides clear and concise guidance for administering Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Comprehensively covers all major areas of Oracle Fusion Applications administration
  • Contains meaningful illustrations that explain basic concepts, followed by detailed instructions on how to implement them

Who This Book Is For

This book is ideal for application and database administrators who are looking to get an understanding of administering Oracle Fusion Applications. Familiarity with Oracle Database Administration and an operational Oracle Fusion Applications environment would be useful, but is not required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Fusion Applications
Changing the application's ecosystem
The impact of Cloud
The uniqueness of Oracle Fusion Applications
The architecture of Oracle Fusion Applications
Chapter 2: Fusion Application Installation
Installation process flow
Server sizing
Oracle Fusion Applications topology
Oracle Fusion Applications security
Installing Oracle Database and applications
Troubleshooting the install
Chapter 3: Functional Setup Manager Overview
The architecture of Functional Setup Manager
An implementation project
Setup migration
Chapter 4: Managing Fusion Applications' Security
An overview of application security
Oracle Fusion Applications' security concepts
Oracle Fusion Applications' security architecture
User management
A comparison of security architecture
Chapter 5: Enterprise Scheduler Service and Jobs
Enterprise schedulers' overview
Oracle Fusion Applications' Enterprise scheduler
Maintaining Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (ESS)
Chapter 6: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Oracle Fusion Applications
Using the Oracle Fusion Applications logging framework
Enabling logging
QuickTrace logging
The Oracle Fusion Applications Diagnostic Framework
Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud Control
Chapter 7: Managing Fusion Applications
Starting and stopping Oracle Fusion Applications
Backing up the Oracle Fusion Applications
Recovering Oracle Fusion Applications
Extending Oracle Fusion Applications

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with the administration of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Review the architecture of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Configure applications using Functional Setup Manager
  • Create users in Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Explore a detailed security review of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Set up and monitor scheduled jobs
  • Set up logging in Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Monitor Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Discover how to patch Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Learn how to back up and clone Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Extend Oracle Fusion Applications

In Detail

Oracle Fusion Applications is a process driven and enduser centric package, which is different from legacy ERP products, which means that the installation and maintenance of Oracle Fusion Applications is fundamentally different from legacy ERP. This book bridges the gap between OFA and legacy ERP and provides an indepth view of administering Oracle Fusion Applications.

Oracle Fusion Applications Administration Essentials provides you with practical guidance on administering Oracle Fusion Applications. It provides detailed architectural information for an application administrator. This book consists of lucid instructions including screenshots to help teach readers about the administration of Oracle Fusion Applications.

Fusion administration has several complex areas that need to be administered. Starting from installation, to maintaining and monitoring Oracle Fusion applications, this book comprehensively covers the steps and details of performing specific tasks, keeping in mind the architectural aspects of the application.

We will then review the steps for a bare metal installation of Oracle Fusion Applications. This is followed by a review of the Functional Setup Manager, as well as an explanation of administrative aspects such as security, monitoring, and job scheduling.The book also covers the administration of applications in terms of patching and cloning. A clear view of Extending Oracle Fusion Applications is provided as well.

Oracle Fusion Application Administration Essentials is a comprehensive guide to administering and maintaining Oracle Fusion Applications. This book not only gives detailed steps for administering the application, but also provides context for these administrative tasks. The lucid style and clear illustrations will ensure that a comprehensive understanding of the topics will be achieved.


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