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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Supply Chain Management

Muneeb A. Siddiqui

Drive your supply chain processes with Oracle E-Business R12 Supply Chain Management to achieve measurable business gains with this Oracle E-Business Suite book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849680646
Paperback292 pages

About This Book

  • Put supply chain management principles to practice with Oracle EBS SCM
  • Develop insight into the process and business flow of supply chain management
  • Set up all of the Oracle EBS SCM modules to automate your supply chain processes
  • Case study to learn how Oracle EBS implementation takes place

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at all those who are working on Oracle E-Business Suite, such as administrators and consultants. End users who want to explore Oracle supply chain management will also find the book extremely useful. No prior knowledge of Oracle EBS SCM is required to get going with this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Oracle Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management and Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain process flow
Oracle Purchasing
Oracle Inventory
Oracle Order Management
Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Oracle Cost Management
Oracle Landed Cost Management
Oracle Advance Pricing
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite
Logging in to Oracle E-Business Suite
Menu and toolbar
Shortcut keys
Chapter 3: Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
The key functionalities of Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Design and architecture of Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Processing flow of Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Planning with Oracle ASCP in different business environments
Hardware configuration for Oracle ASCP
Setup steps for configuring Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Setting up the Source Instance for Oracle Advance Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)
Setting up the destination instance for Oracle ASCP
Collections in Advance Supply Chain Planning
Creation of plans
Types of plans in Oracle ASCP
Creating plans in Oracle ASCP
Launching the plan
Planner Workbench
Queries in Oracle ASCP
Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning simulations and analysis
Net Change plan in Oracle ASCP
The simulation process
Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning exceptions
Key Performance Indicators
Chapter 4: Overview of Oracle Order Management
The key functionalities of Oracle Order Management
Integration of Oracle Order Management with other modules
Setting up Oracle Order Management
Chapter 5: Overview of Oracle Purchasing
The key functionalities of Oracle Purchasing
Oracle Purchasing process
Oracle Purchasing end-to-end process
Chapter 6: Overview of Oracle Landed Cost Management
The key functionalities of Oracle LCM
Oracle Landed Cost Management process (pre-receiving application)
Integration of Oracle LCM with other modules
Oracle LCM end-to-end process
Chapter 7: Overview of Oracle Inventory Management
The key functionalities of Oracle Inventory Management
Oracle Inventory Management process
Integration of Oracle Inventory Management with other modules
Oracle Inventory Management end-to-end process
Chapter 8: Overview of Oracle Cost Management
The key functionalities of Oracle Cost Management
Oracle Cost Management process
Costing method
Integration of Oracle Cost Management with other modules
Transactions in Oracle Cost Management
Chapter 9: Overview of Oracle Advanced Pricing
The key functionalities of Oracle Advanced Pricing
Oracle Advanced Pricing process
Integration of Oracle Advanced Pricing with other modules
Pricing concept of Oracle Advanced Pricing
Setting up Oracle Advanced Pricing
Oracle Advanced Pricing in sales order entry process
Chapter 10: Oracle E-Business Implementation at Sarmixa Telecom
The business structure of Sarmixa Telecom
Sarmixa Telecom line of business
Oracle E-Business implementation using AIM
AIM Processes and Phases
Oracle E-Business Suite implementation at Sarmixa Telecom

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the concepts of Supply Chain Management
  • Apply the comprehensive solutions offered by Oracle E-Business suite for supply chain management
  • Get to grips with the working and interface of Oracle E-Business suite
  • Use Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning to plan your entire supply chain management process
  • Create and maintain sales orders with Oracle Order Management
  • Configure Oracle Purchasing to create internal and purchase requisitions
  • Set up Oracle Landed Cost Management to manage the actual and estimated cost of items
  • Configure Inventory Management to automate the management of raw materials, finished goods, and services
  • Create different costing methods for your inventory organization with Oracle Cost Management
  • Efficiently manage all the complex pricing scenarios of your business with Oracle Advanced Pricing
  • Discover how implementation takes place in the real world with a business case study

In Detail

Supply chain operations are turning increasingly global and complex, as companies aspire to support a variety of strategies, such as entering new markets and lowering costs. Oracle E-Business Supply Chain Management R12 provides comprehensive solutions to predict market requirements and align operations across global networks. However to implement these solutions, you need to gain a solid understanding of the various Oracle EBS modules used in supply chain processes.

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Supply Chain Management will guide you to successfully configure and implement the various Oracle EBS modules for supply chain management. With this book in hand, you will be able to learn from scratch what Oracle EBS is and how it works in the supply chain management's domain. Backed by ample screenshots and clear explanation, the book will demonstrate the business flow of the entire application.

This book is an excellent learning resource for Oracle application supply chain modules. It begins by explaining the fundamentals of supply chain management and why it is necessary to use Oracle applications for supply chain management. If you have just begun using Oracle Applications, this book will give you a clear picture of the working and interface of Oracle E-Business Suite. It then progressively moves forward to demonstrate the step-by-step configuration of various Oracle EBS SCM modules.This book also covers all the transaction flows in detail, and shows how we carry out transactions in different modules. The chapters also explain the business and process flow of the modules that are configured.

By the end of this book, you will have learned to automate all your supply chain management processes thereby increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.


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