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  • Get an overview of the architecture of Release 12; learn about the file system and where files need to go.
  • Configure concurrent programs which launch executable programs such as a database package or a host program.
  • Understand how to write to a concurrent program log, and output files.
  • Add a query screen to forms and learn how to pass parameters.
  • Configure forms in E-Business Suite, create functions and add them to menus.
  • Create tabs and add code to control them. Create items with lookups, use widgets for date fields and add drop down lists.
  • Build a fully working form with most of the components you are ever likely to utilize.
  • Understand the personalization screen. Change properties to hide fields and move them around. Change labels and even alter a list of values.
  • Create personalizations to perform validation and display a message. Perform actions such as launching a form, adding items to menus or icons to toolbars.
  • Understand Oracle workflow and create a workflow that is triggered by a business event from an XML message on an advanced queue.
  • Build a workflow with functions, lookups, sub-processes and notifications.
  • Learn how to deploy a workflow and test it - viewing its status and monitoring progress.

Oracle’s suite of applications is used by many major businesses and public sector organizations throughout the world. The book will show you how to build different types of extensions with different toolsets with Oracle E-Business Suite R12. It will take you from start to finish with fully working examples.

This book will show you how to extend Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. You will learn highly desirable skills on how to extend the application and develop your expertise. The book will provide detailed information about why things have to be done in certain ways, and will take you through the process of how to get started, what tools are needed, how to develop working examples, and how to deploy them within the application.

Learn how to extend Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Release 12. There are detailed examples to work through, such as how various components are configured and how we can extend standard functionality. The book focuses on core development and extension and each chapter will introduce a topic before going through working examples from start to finish. There are plenty of detailed screen shots throughout each chapter giving clear instructions of what we are doing and why. Each recipe will develop a solution that will utilize core components to that topic. The Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Core Development and Extension Cookbook focuses on starting an extension right from the beginning, to deploying it within E-Business Suite. At the end of each chapter the reader will have a good understanding of what they need to do for each area to take away, and start using it in practice.

Each chapter will detail how to build an extension in the supported manner and also comes with complete fully tested code, and scripts that can be downloaded.

  • Gain key skills to extend Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.
  • Build forms with advanced features and deploy them in the application
  • Create personalizations and understand how to modify functionality through them
  • Step by step examples guiding you through the development process
Page Count 480
Course Length 14 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781849684842
Date Of Publication 10 May 2012


Andy Penver

Andy Penver currently lives and works in the U.K. as a solution architect for a large public sector client. He studied at Christ Church (University of Kent). He has over 18 years of experience in working with Oracle E-Business Suite. He has worked in both the private and public sectors, and has a strong technical background. He has led and managed teams of consultants through the full project lifecycles on some very large programs throughout the U.K. and Europe. Andy has been heavily involved in two large-scale, award-winning implementations of a shared service centre. Andy is currently the Managing Director of his own consultancy, NU-TEKK Limited. Andy has previously authored and published a book called Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Core Development and Extension Cookbook.