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Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials

Padmanabha Rao, Venkatesan Sundaram

A one-stop implementation reference guide to Oracle CRM On Demand, the world's best-selling brand of CRM technology with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849685009
Paperback304 pages

About This Book

  • Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and real-time examples
  • Master Application Customization by learning custom page layouts, homepage layouts, search result layouts, and dynamic layouts
  • Understand User Management and Access Control
  • Interact effectively with Oracle Corporation in the maintenance of your CRMOD

Who This Book Is For

If you are a CRMOD Administrator, Business Analyst or a CRM implementation specialist looking forward to implement CRM On Demand or enhance and maintain an existing CRM On Demand deployment, then this is the guide for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of CRM On Demand
What is CRMOD?
Chapter 2: Steps 1-2-3: Go Live Out of the Box
Step 1 – Knowing the prebuilt marketing, sales, and service organizations
Step 2 – Setting your company profile
Step 3 – Pass the word around
Chapter 3: CRM On Demand Customization
The application architecture
Chapter 4: Application Customization
Data model-level customization
Layout management
Miscellaneous application customization
Chapter 5: User Access Controls
The user ID
The accesses to data
The user role
Chapter 6: Business Process Automation and Management
Workflow configuration
Lead Conversion Administration
Sales methodology
Administering forecasts
Chapter 7: Content Management
Chapter 8: Web Services Integration
CRM On Demand integration abilities
Enabling CRM On Demand web services
Listing the available CRM On Demand web services
Managing sessions in CRM On Demand web services
CRMOD web service best practices
CRMOD web service allotment and limiters
Monitoring web service allotment usage
Chapter 9: Reports and Analytics
The Answers On Demand service
Writing a report
Chapter 10: Leveraging CRM On Demand Data and Integration Tools
Accessing CRM On Demand data and integration tools
Importing your contacts
Oracle Offline On Demand
Oracle PIM Sync On Demand
Oracle Outlook E-mail Integration On Demand
Oracle data loader
Oracle Migration Tool On Demand
CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales
Accessing CRMOD content outside the application using On Demand Widgets
Chapter 11: Help, Support Ecosystem, and Features in New Releases
Training and Support
Help—CRM On Demand usage manual
New features in recent releases of CRM On Demand
Chapter 12: Oracle Partner Offerings
Oracle's partner ecosystem
Oracle CRM On Demand implementation partners
Oracle CRM On Demand extensions
How to make a purchase decision for a CRM On Demand extension
Most popular extensions

What You Will Learn

  • Structured approach towards understanding CRMOD functions and features
  • Perform CRMOD configuration activities
  • Implement CRMOD with minimal customization
  • Extend CRM On Demand using webservices
  • Integrate CRM On Demand to external systems
  • Build real time reports and interactive dashboards
  • Manage your CRM On Demand data
  • Replicate your CRM On Demand instance
  • CRMOD help and Support systems
  • Extended solutions from CRMOD partners


In Detail

The CRMOD software is built to world-class industry reference models of customer relationship management, and the service provides all the software and features you would need for a world-class customer relationship management practice. This knowledge is essential to keep the costs of investment low and return on the investment high.

"Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials" describes the design and discipline of the software and service of CRMOD. It gives you the knowledge to embed the system to a high quality and sustainable effect in your business.

This book delves into the details of the CRMOD system to equip the implementation team with the knowledge of the model of customer relationship management to adapt, adopt and advance to suit your business, keep your customers delighted and your competitors gasping. CRMOD is a platform system providing online transactions, reports and analytics and integrations with other systems. Understanding the capabilities of each of these, and bringing them together suitably, helps you build a world-class practice of CRM.

The book will start from a definition of the practice of customer relationship management to using the Oracle CRM On Demand technology to support the practice. You will learn what you get out of the box, which can be quite a lot once you begin to explore it in depth. You will then learn to configure and customize the system for both your extended tactical needs and intensive strategic business needs.


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