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Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple: Second Edition

Sten E. Vesterli

The simplest way to learn Oracle’s ADF is to follow an enterprise development process from start to finish, which is exactly what this book does. Combining theory with real-world examples, it’s the ultimate guide for Oracle and J2EE developers.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782176800
Paperback432 pages

About This Book

<ul> <li>Utilize best practices for real-life enterprise application development</li> <li>Plan and estimate your very own ADF project</li> <li>Successfully organize your code and your team for maximum efficiency</li> </ul>

Who This Book Is For

<p>This book is for Oracle developers looking to start using Oracle&rsquo;s latest development tool and J2EE developers looking for a more productive way to build modern web applications. This book will guide you through the creation of a successful enterprise application with Oracle ADF 12c, and therefore it assumes you have basic knowledge of Java, JDeveloper, and databases.</p>

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The ADF Proof of Concept
Understanding the architecture of ADF
The Proof of Concept
The Proof of Concept case study
Getting started with JDeveloper
The Proof of Concept ADF Business Components
The Proof of Concept ADF user interface
The scheduled tasks page
Chapter 2: Estimating the Effort
Gathering requirements
Deciding how to build it
Application architecture
Example Work Breakdown Structure
Estimating the solution
Adding it all up – the final estimate
Sanity check
From effort to calendar time
Chapter 3: Getting Organized
Skills required for an ADF project
Organizing the team
Gathering the tools
Structuring workspaces, projects, and code
Naming conventions
Chapter 4: Productive Teamwork
The secret of productivity
Version control with Subversion
Version control with Git
Avoiding conflicts
Focusing for maximum productivity
The Integrated Solution – Oracle Team Productivity Center
Working with Oracle Team Productivity Center
Chapter 5: Preparing to Build
Creating common workspaces
Working with task flow templates
Working with page templates
Framework extension classes
Packaging your common code
Chapter 6: Building the Enterprise Application
Structuring your code
Building the Common Model
Organizing the work
Implementing the task management subsystem
Implementing the scheduling subsystem
Building the master application
Chapter 7: Testing Your Application
Initial tests
User interface tests
Stress and performance tests
The Oracle alternative
Chapter 8: Changing the Appearance
Controlling appearance
Skinning overview
Skinning in practice
Chapter 9: Customizing Functionality
The reason for customization
The technology behind ADF customization
Applying customization layers
Making an application customizable
Performing customization
Chapter 10: Securing Your ADF Application
The security basics
Security decisions
Implementing ADF Security
Application roles
Implementing the user interface security
Implementing data security
Users and groups
Chapter 11: Packaging and Delivery
The contents of a good deployment package
Preparing for deployment
Setting up the application server
Deploying the application
Scripting the build process

What You Will Learn

<ul> <li>Develop an ADF application based on database tables using both common and exotic ADF user interface components </li> <li>Develop necessary templates and framework classes to allow productive and flexible development </li> <li>Customize your applications to meet the needs and expectations of different users </li> <li>Estimate the effort required to build an ADF enterprise application </li> <li>Test your ADF enterprise application at the component, integration, and system level </li> <li>Understand how to secure your enterprise applications and assign roles for specific functionality </li> </ul>

In Detail

<p>Modern enterprise applications must be user-friendly, visually attractive, and fast &ndash; much like Oracle Fusion applications. Oracle are using the Application Development Framework (ADF) for their own development, and now you can too. However, you need a proven method to use this powerful and flexible tool in order to achieve consistent success in your enterprise applications.<br /><br />Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development &ndash; Made Simple, Second Edition doesn&rsquo;t just cover the theory behind Oracle ADF, it clearly explains how to get the most out of the technology.</p> <p>Just like you need to do more than just wield a hammer to build a house, you need to do more than just master ADF technology to build a successful enterprise application. This book gives you the blueprint you need to ensure success.<br /><br />This book takes you through an entire enterprise application development project using ADF, from proof of concept through all phases of development until the final application is delivered and deployed.</p> <p>The book shows you the support tools you need for source control and issue tracking as well as how to use them productively to develop an enterprise application. It explains enterprise ADF application security as well as important specialty topics like skinning, customization, and internationalization.</p> <p>This book will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make a real-life Oracle ADF development project a success.</p>


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