OpenJDK Cookbook

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  • Set up a development environment and start hacking OpenJDK
  • Understand advanced features such as adding new intrinsics to JVMs
  • Build different versions of OpenJDK for different operating systems and architectures
  • Write reliable tests using jtreg and get a good understanding of the tool
  • Create and sub limit patches with improvements and bug fixes
  • Understand valuable techniques, native code debugging, and incremental builds
  • Prepare VirtualBox machines with different operating systems
  • Understand the process behind JEPs

OpenJDK is one of the most widely used open source implementations of the Java platform. It is used to change, customize, and tune core application internals and provide a way to extend the application internals according to your requirements.

OpenJDK Cookbook begins by introducing you to OpenJDK and IcedTea builds for various virtual machine implementations and how to deploy OpenJDK on multiple platforms. Furthermore, the book digs deeper into the development concepts, JVM internals, and techniques to make robust improvements or customizations to OpenJDK. Essentially, the book covers the best practices for accessing and using the core features of OpenJDK to build advanced Java solutions by utilizing the more complex and nuanced parts of OpenJDK.

  • Gain the skills required to harness the power of OpenJDK's Java implementation
  • Extend and adapt Java Platform to develop various types of applications
  • A practical guide to learn how to benefit from AdoptOpenJDK programme, a part of the OpenJDK community
Page Count 298
Course Length 8 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781849698405
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2015


Alex Kasko

Alex Kasko is a participant in the OpenJDK project. He maintains unofficial OpenJDK builds on his GitHub account and has 8 years' experience in enterprise and high-performance programming. He works in an OpenJDK development team at Red Hat Inc.

Alexey Mironchenko

Alexey Mironchenko is a software developer with experience in scalable enterprise projects, involving Java EE, NoSQL databases, and various other frameworks. He has a mathematical background with some COQ and Maxima experience, and his hobby is to test cutting-edge technologies that are open source or in early access.

Stanislav Kobylyanskiy

Stanislav Kobylyanskiy is a software developer with years of Java experience. He started his career with C++ and system programming in the late 90s with the Aelita software (now DELL). After a few years, he switched to Java and then moved to telecom. At that time, he joined T-Mobile, UK, to rebuild their Customer Service Web Portal, which lasted for about 4 years. Currently, he is with an investment bank where he is working on a strategic algorithmic trading platform. He is continuously looking for new challenges and to extend his knowledge of core Java technologies.