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  • Install OpenCV, a Python development environment, and an Android development environment on Windows, Mac, or Linux and install a Unity development environment on Windows or Mac
  • Get to grips with motion detection and gesture recognition as a means of controlling a guessing game on a smartphone
  • Detect car headlights, estimate distances to them, and provide feedback to the driver
  • Spot and recognize human faces and cat faces as a means of controlling an alarm
  • Amplify motion in real-time video so that a person's heartbeat and breathing become clearly visible
  • Draw a ball-in-a-maze puzzle on paper and see it come to life as a physics simulation on a smartphone
  • Integrate OpenCV with other libraries, as well as popular frameworks for GUI apps and games

OpenCV is a grand collection of image processing functions and computer vision algorithms. It is open source, it supports many programming languages and platforms, and it is fast enough for many real-time applications. What a lot of gadgets we can build with such a handy library!

Taking inspiration from the world of James Bond, this book adds a spark of adventure and computer vision to your daily routine. Protect your home and car with intelligent camera systems that analyze people, cats, and obstacles. Let your search engine praise or criticize the images that it finds. Hear a voice from your phone that responds to your body language. Attune yourself to another person's rhythm by glancing at a display that magnifies a heartbeat or a breath. Learn OpenCV and see your world as never before.

  • Build OpenCV apps for the desktop, the Raspberry Pi, Android, and the Unity game engine
  • Learn real-time techniques that can be used to classify images, detecting and recognizing any person or animal, and studying motion and distance with superhuman precision
  • Design hands-free interfaces that are practical in home automation, in cars, and in discrete surveillance
Page Count 302
Course Length 9 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781783287376
Date Of Publication 28 Jan 2015


Joseph Howse

Joseph Howse lives in a Canadian fishing village with four cats; the cats like fish, but they prefer chicken.

Joseph provides computer vision expertise through his company, Nummist Media. His books include OpenCV 4 for Secret Agents, OpenCV 3 Blueprints, Android Application Programming with OpenCV 3, iOS Application Development with OpenCV 3, Learning OpenCV 3 Computer Vision with Python, and Python Game Programming by Example, published by Packt.