OpenCV 4 for Secret Agents [Video]

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  • Key image processing techniques such as edge detection, dilation, and more.
  • Build a deep learning-based image classifier to classify various images using the GoogleNet and ImageNet datasets
  • Implement real-time object detection using the single-shot detection method
  • Build a real-time face detector using single-shot detection and ResNets
  • Track multiple objects in a video
  • Detect cars nearby, estimate how far away they are, and alert the driver

OpenCV is a grand collection of image processing functions and computer vision algorithms. Not only is it open source, it also supports many programming platforms and is fast enough for many real-time applications.

This course is designed in an unconventional way to help you get started with OpenCV 4 in an easy and creative manner. Taking inspiration from the world of spies, this video course will add a spark of adventure and computer vision to your daily routine.

You'll embark on this course tasked with finding out how many gadgets you can integrate and, with this handy library, you'll build cool exciting out-of-the-box projects!
By the end of this course, you will be confident enough as a Secret Agent to develop computer vision applications never seen before in the real world, taking your lead from James Bond and the Mission Impossible franchise.

You can find the relevant code samples at:

Style and Approach

This course is designed to give the viewer hands-on experience in building some real-world applications; he/she will understand the key concepts of image processing and deep learning in a step- by -step way.

  • Go on a mission to learn key computer vision techniques—image classification and face detection algorithms—via OpenCV
  • Understand and implement various image processing techniques
  • Implement a real-time object detection and tracking algorithm
Course Length 2 hours 5 minutes
ISBN 9781789806489
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2019


Suhasini P R

Suhasini P R is a software engineer working in the automotive arena. She is passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence and has written several courses on these topics. She is fascinated about self-driving cars and autonomous flight systems and does some hobby projects in her free time. She also has experience in teaching deep learning concepts.