OpenCV 4 for Secret Agents - Second Edition

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  • Detect motion and recognize gestures to control a smartphone game
  • Detect car headlights and estimate their distance
  • Detect and recognize human and cat faces to trigger an alarm
  • Amplify motion in a real-time video to show heartbeats and breaths
  • Make a physics simulation that detects shapes in a real-world drawing
  • Build OpenCV 4 projects in Python 3 for desktops and Raspberry Pi
  • Develop OpenCV 4 Android applications in Android Studio and Unity

OpenCV 4 is a collection of image processing functions and computer vision algorithms. It is open source, supports many programming languages and platforms, and is fast enough for many real-time applications. With this handy library, you’ll be able to build a variety of impressive gadgets.

OpenCV 4 for Secret Agents features a broad selection of projects based on computer vision, machine learning, and several application frameworks. To enable you to build apps for diverse desktop systems and Raspberry Pi, the book supports multiple Python versions, from 2.7 to 3.7. For Android app development, the book also supports Java in Android Studio, and C# in the Unity game engine. Taking inspiration from the world of James Bond, this book will add a touch of adventure and computer vision to your daily routine. You’ll be able to protect your home and car with intelligent camera systems that analyze obstacles, people, and even cats. In addition to this, you’ll also learn how to train a search engine to praise or criticize the images that it finds, and build a mobile app that speaks to you and responds to your body language.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to advance your skills as an app developer and a computer vision specialist.

  • Build OpenCV 4 apps with Python 2 and 3 on desktops and Raspberry Pi, Java on Android, and C# in Unity
  • Detect, classify, recognize, and measure real-world objects in real-time
  • Work with images from diverse sources, including the web, research datasets, and various cameras
Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781789345360
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2019


Joseph Howse

Joseph Howse lives in a Canadian fishing village with four cats; the cats like fish, but they prefer chicken.

Joseph provides computer vision expertise through his company, Nummist Media. His books include OpenCV 4 for Secret Agents, OpenCV 3 Blueprints, Android Application Programming with OpenCV 3, iOS Application Development with OpenCV 3, Learning OpenCV 3 Computer Vision with Python, and Python Game Programming by Example, published by Packt.