Objective-C Memory Management Essentials

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  • Understand the theoretical basics of memory management
  • Discover how and why memory leaks occur
  • Use Objective-C to stem memory leaks in your application
  • Familiarize yourself with the various memory debugging tools available in Xcode
  • Implement data persistence using Core Data
  • Understand how ARC helps in memory management
  • Introduce yourself to Swift, the brand new programming language to write effective, lightning-fast applications

Objective-C Memory Management Essentials will familiarize you with the basic principles of Objective-C memory management, to create robust and effective iOS applications. You will begin with a basic understanding of memory management, and why memory leaks occur in an application, moving on to autorelease pools and object creation/storage to get an idea of how memory is allocated. You will also see what ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) is and how it helps in memory management. Finally, you will cover examples on how to use the various tools provided by Xcode to help in memory management. You will also get a basic understanding of Swift, the recently introduced programming language to write interactive and lightning-fast applications.

By the end of this book, you will have all the necessary knowledge on how to effectively memory-manage your application with best practices.

  • Learn about the concepts of memory management in Objective-C
  • Get introduced to Swift, an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
  • A step-by-step approach to various memory management techniques with lots of sample code and Xcode projects for your reference
Page Count 200
Course Length 6 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781849697125
Date Of Publication 25 Mar 2015


Gibson Tang

Gibson Tang grew up loving technology after getting his hands on an old Apple II when he was still a young kid. Since then, he has never stopped keeping pace with technology, and after he coded his first "Hello World" program, he has been hooked on programming ever since.

Following his studies at Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Management and serving a 6-year stint in the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), he honed his development skills creating software and games for Yahoo! and other Fortune 500 companies. In 2010, he founded Azukisoft Pte Ltd in Singapore to focus on mobile application development. Since then, he has developed countless mobile applications and games for start-ups and big companies both in USA and Singapore.

Apart from programming, he indulges in various hobbies such as soccer, computer games, and jogging in order to get his regular dose of Vitamin D and to see the sun once in a while. Occasionally, he would be on Steam or Battle.net blowing off some steam by slaying monsters and killer robots after a day of programming.

Maxim Vasilkov

Maxim Vasilkov is a mobile software developer in Azukisoft Pte Ltd. He started programming over 10 years ago. He started with iOS when the SDK was made publicly available, and from that time onwards, he developed a passion for making mobile apps. He is also experienced with other programming languages and has expertise working with various team sizes, which gave him the opportunity to look at different approaches to programming. Outside of work, he is a proud father of beautiful triplets, Anna, Maria, and Victoria, who are now 4 years old. This has helped him try out mobile games for kids and enables him to be an expert in mobile games for kids.