Object-oriented and Functional Programming with Java 8 [Integrated Course]

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  • Understand what are functional interfaces and lambda expressions
  • Learn Java 8 built-in functional types: Function, Consumer, Supplier, and more
  • Learn to build, transform, and consume stream
  • Get familiar with collectors and its classes and methods
  • Learn to create your own collectors
  • In-depth coverage of optionals
  • Learn what are monads, higher-order functions and combinators, function currying, and memoization

Before the launch of Java 8, Java was lacking functional constructs. Functional Programming in Java helps Java developers to incorporate the most powerful benefits of functional programming into new and existing Java code to make applications optimized, maintainable, and easier to understand.

This course begins with an introduction to functional interfaces and lambda expressions. Then, you’ll understand what is stream and will learn to build a stream iteratively, recursively, from a collection or manually. Also, you’ll learn to transform a stream using map, flatMap, filter methods and consume a stream using forEach, reduce, anyMatch, findFirst, and other methods. Further, you’ll learn about collectors and its classes and methods and will be implementing all your leanings to create your own collectors. Next, you’ll understand what is an optional and will learn to build, transform, and consume an optional. Finally, you will learn about monads, higher-order functions and combinators, function currying, and memoization.

  • Explore functional interfaces, lambda expressions, and optionals
  • Build, transform, and consume a stream
  • Implement your own collectors
  • 60 quizzes and 40 coding exercises specific to the course
Course Length 0 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781788294027
Date Of Publication 11 Oct 2019


Richard Naoufal

Richard Naoufal started coding in Java around 2003. After working as a developer, an architect, a technical project manager he is now a trainer and a consultant. His focus today concerning Java is to make the best of it.