NuGet 2 Essentials

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  • Install NuGet in all supported versions of Visual Studio
  • Use NuGet with source control and build servers
  • Create a NuGet package for your own class library
  • Publish your package to the official NuGet gallery
  • Create packages with multiplatform and multi-language support
  • Automatically configure target projects from the packages you create
  • Include custom install and uninstall scripts in your packages
  • Support debugging of your packaged libraries
  • Install your own internal NuGet server
  • Configure NuGet to use different NuGet servers

NuGet has made the process of finding and referencing libraries from Visual Studio much easier and has strongly contributed to the expansion of an open source ecosystem. In the three years since its release, it has become an essential tool for both consuming and publishing class libraries for the .NET framework.

A concise and practical guide to everything that NuGet has to offer to both consumers and publishers. Through many hands on examples, NuGet2 Essentials will demonstrate all of NuGet’s features and teach you how to use them in everyday development in a .NET framework.

Starting out by using NuGet for consuming third-party libraries, this concise guide continues with a detailed look at creating your own packages, and ends by teaching you how to set up your own internal server. Through practical examples, you will learn to manage versions of installed libraries on all development and build machines. You will also discover how to create packages for your own libraries so they can be easily consumed, no matter how much configuration they require. By hosting an internal server, you will have full control of packages being used in your development environment.

By the end of the book, you will know about everything that NuGet has to offer, and how it can make your development process better.

  • Easily find and refer third-party libraries from your projects
  • Create packages from your class libraries for others to use and publish them to the official NuGet gallery
  • Host your own internal NuGet server and publish packages to it
Page Count 116
Course Length 3 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781782165866
Date Of Publication 21 Nov 2013


Damir Arh

Damir Arh is a software architect and developer, who is interested in using new technologies and methodologies to make development processes more efficient and improve the user experience in software.

He is a big proponent of TDD (test-driven development) and unit testing in general. He regularly uses NUnit and MsTest unit testing frameworks and is very fond of the NCrunch continuous testing tool. It really changes the way you look at unit tests.

He has a lot of experience with setting up continuous integration servers (CruiseControl.NET and TeamCity), and has used and administered different source control tools (SVN, GIT, TFS, and VSS).

He has been working with Microsoft development tools all of his professional career. He has lots of experience with most parts of the .NET framework: client-side (WPF, Windows Forms), server-side (WCF, WF, and ASP.NET), and data access (ADO.NET, Entity Framework).

Lately, he has been very interested in mobile platforms, such as WinRT and Windows Phone. He has been a fan of Portable Class Libraries since they were first released.

In the past, he spent a lot of time in the field of COM-.NET interoperability, as well as with Word and Excel automation.

He is also experienced with all aspects of SQL Server (Database Services, Analysis Services, DTS, and Integrations Services).

He loves to share his knowledge with other developers. He is a speaker at local events (Microsoft NT conference, Bleeding Edge, and local user group meetings). He regularly posts on his blog and is an active user on Stack Overflow.

Dejan Dakić

Dejan Dakić has been working with the .NET Framework for over five years. He has the most experience with ASP.NET but has also done a lot of work in Windows Forms and WPF. He has been active in mobile development since Windows Mobile, and now he has progressed to Windows RT. Lately, he has been spending time in the Windows Azure environment, focusing on web development, both client- and server-side. Currently, he works in a team with Damir as a software developer for Adacta—a company specializing in development of software for insurance companies, which is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.